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H-Town Coffee Adventure No. 2

H-Town (aka Houston, TX)
Coffee Adventure No. 2
weekend of 1/20 - 1/22/12

Coffee Adventure No. 2

note: the tiny/cute Daikon Radishes in the center, had to bring a few of those babies home...another name for them is a Chinese Radish & usually they are enormous, so these are a treat?!

The Revival Market
Coffee Partners w/ Greenway Coffee Co/Greenway Barista

Fat Cats Creamery
Gulf Shrimp Stock
Slow Dough Bread Company

My Purchases:
Cortado, Cranberry Bread, Daikon Radishes & a thin slice of Parmesan Cheese...
(note: I seemed to have forgotten to take a pic of my coffee?! And that last item the nice guy behind the counter wrapped it up, sealed it up-in zip bag, put it on ice in another tie bag - ready for the long road home, which meant No Fat Cats Creamery on the road - that I didn't find...another chance, another weekend, another adventure...)

2 loaves of Slow Dough Bread Co on the left - Cranberry Walnut, am going to snag one as a couple comes in to squeeze them & am guessing she'll snag the other...don't smoosh my bread please?!

550 Heights Boulevard (at White Oak - aka in The Heights)
Houston, TX 77007


M-F 7-8
Sat 8 - 7
Sun 10 -5
*this is the day I was there, rather 2:30ish
(I was late--but by a 1/2 hr's guesstimate...)

Where was Fat Cats Creamery? I dunno...was told it was here,
there'd been a dropoff & then I find this-- Trentino?
Link to their webpage:
Is this a substitute when they ran out...
Are they related, am I confused? It's curious...
a foodie mystery for that next adventure?!
Link to the Fat Cats Creamery webpage:
(note: I have to admit, I love the name...meow...)

Link to Revival Market's webpage...

About the Tea & Coffees...

Revival Café

"Revival Market has a small indoor café
with additional sidewalk seating to enjoy your morning
or afternoon break coffee, a light breakfast, lunch or dessert.
We are pretty proud of our coffee bar,

which is manned by professional baristas from open to close.
They will prepare you a choice of coffees –

 from drip to cortado to a flat white –
made with beans from one of four local coffee purveyors.
We also stock beans by the pound that can be ground to you specifications.
Revival also offers a selection of Rishi teas,

all organic and fair-trade certified."

Note: the Fabulously Proud Label...Gulf Shrimp Stock--
so not just any stock & not just any shrimp--but Gulf Shrimp?!

Link to Yelp Listing/Reviews...
Link to Urbanspoon Listing/Reviews...

Link to Facebook page...

Link to Houston Press Blog Post...


Link to article...


Link to Foursquare--I think I remembered to check in while I was there...

Link to a YouTube--Yes, someone did wander around the Market
when it first opened w/their phone taking this video to share...
(note: am happy they did...First off I see the coffee machine,

always the best view...
And I see how lucky I was to get those tiny Daikon Radishes when I did,
coz they're not there in this Video?!
And too funny the bread was in a diff place,

plus remember now they were out of Olive Oil on Sunday--
but the empty glass bottles would of been great to use for vases...)

Coffee Partners:

Greenway Roaster/Barista Info...
aka or prev know as Tuscany Premium Coffee

5 greenway plaza suite c-610
houston texas 77046


M-Th 7-4:30 Fri -4:00

Greenway Coffee...

Yelp listing/reviews...

Greenway Barista - David Buehrer -

Facebook page...


Blog at Houston Press...

Blog Post - Houston Press: Rising Star Barista at the Greenway Plaza
Food Court - David Buehrer...
(note: mention of coffee cocktails being made--Anvil Bar & Refuge -
1424 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77006  Link:

Coffee Products available on webpage...

Scrimshaw Espresso: Winter/Spring 2012
Yirgacheffe  gr. 2 Ethiopia
Deterra Sunrise: Minas Gerais, Brazil
Bella Carmona: Antigua, Guatemala
Decaf: Monte Camejo, Costa Rica

Roast every Monday, Ship every Tuesday

Greenway Coffee Partners...

Paulie's - 1834 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77098

Revival Market  -550 Heights Blvd, Houston, TX 77007
                            (note: *where I went Sunday)

Relish Fine Foods - 3951 San Felipe, Houston, TX 77027

Soma Sushi - 4820 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007

Kata Robata - 3600 Kirby Drive, Houston, TX 77098

Absolatte Coffee Catering - 3100 Timmons Ln., Houston, TX 77027
Also found at The Revival Market...
Amaya Roasting Co - Max (the roaster) again from Catalina Coffee Shop

note: my 3 purchases from what I thought were 2 different roasters...
2 from Catalina Coffee Shop/Max/Amaya Roasting Co - Guatemala/Rwanda
1 from Revival Market - what I thought was Greenway Roasting Co, is Amaya Roasting Co with a different label & of all the things Decaf...

(note: I really/Really didn't have my glasses on then to make that mistake w/this label--I thought all the white bags under the counter were all from Greenway, guess I shoulda asked...or like the Fat Cats Creamery, it could be they substitute when things are Sold Out?! Or another possibility is that they/Amaya roasted a decaf coffee for Greenway - but they're now roasting their own coffee is what I'd heard & I was trying to find their roasted coffee, as their shop is closed on Sunday, if not w/e's so that's the only time I had...)

Info-Poster at RestStop on the way home...
Driving from Houston, TX to Lafayette, LA
Did you take the Hint??!!
"Dead Man Talking"
(of course that would be in a Texas RestStop...
& does anyone else have a big enough imagination
to think it kinda looks like a windshield w/the trees
reflection in it?! but if I could crop out the frame
would be even more convincing--more to learn,

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