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Light/Dark Old/Young

Playing with Light:
The Art And Process of Capturing Emotion

Tom Hussey
TOM HUSSEY Photography, LLC
"In the course of a diverse 20-year career in commercial
advertising photography, Tom Hussey has established a
successful advertising studio. Respected industry wide for his
lifestyle photography and admired for his lighting techniques,
Tom has worked on local. national and international
campaigns. Based in Dallas, Texas, TOM HUSSEY Photography,
LLC is a full production photography studio.
Tom’s passion for photography began in the early 70′s when his
Dad got a new ”expensive” SLR camera. Tom asked to take a
picture and much to his mother’s horror was handed the
camera. He put the camera down briefly but was never far
away from it. Tom has taught photography on the college
level and worked in the Conservation Laboratory at the
International Museum of Photography at George Eastman

Tom is a graduate of Southern Methodist University where he
earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production with a minor in
Photography. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in Museum
Practices and Conservation with an emphasis in Photography
from The Rochester Institute of Technology".
Tom Hussey is represented by Michael Ginsburg
and in Texas he is represented by Patty Hudson

Link to AAF Acadiana Event page & what could become an iconic advert photo...
(Note: you'll see the photo of the Soldier old/young, as the rest of the ads in the pharma campaign are the same setup - which I don't like the idea of it selling drugs as much as the feelings it inspires in looking at the ads, which I'd seen before but never knew they were ads for an Alzheimer's patch?!)

Link to Tom Hussey Photography webpage...
Link to his Blog...
(note: I especially love now knowing the stories behind some of these photos - on the webpage & the blog, which is my fav part--as much or maybe even more than just the photo's themselves...what was the photographer/the subject doing kind of thing - putting a place/time/feeling to it all I suppose...rather than it was part of an ad campaign or what is it selling or what camera/lighting did he use, etc/Etc...)

About (Tom Hussey)
"Sometimes we need photography to create a complex interplay between reality and illusion. Welcome to Tom Hussey's world. A world of many brands, and many audiences. A world involving many production needs. From location scouting, casting, styling, animation and photo retouching to lifestyle, portrait, and kid shots. A world located, in reality, in Dallas, Texas, but a world that knows no boundaries." - from the Webpage

My notes after watching the webpage Photo SlideShow--again seeing many photos we saw at the AdFed Luncheon last Friday, at River Ranch City Club (we had a different room this month for the luncheon/speaker, bigger maybe, but those mirrored posts? I will not comment on the buffet, my Grandmother taught me that classic line--if you can't say something was a good thing I was powered by Cafe Cohen espresso before I arrived?!)

OK, I do love light & shadow...I do love black & white...I do love a sense of humor...I love the stripey socks Birthday/Slumber Girls in a tent Party...I love the pink bubble gum...I love coffee mugs in coffee shops...Even love Miss Schlitz/Pal-Mal Black eye Hair in rollers...or the almost Norman Rockwell-ish boy w/a razor & tissue spots...or my cure for the curious in not visiting the Louvre, as now I've seen what the room looks like where the Mona Lisa lives--Mon Petit Postage Stamp...or from the Series esp like 'Reflections' or 'Recharge Your'...surprised by the iHussey section - as in it's all iphone photos/apps (for these alone I may be more inclined to bump it up to an iphone, as soon as the Droid2 freezes up with forceclose errors again?!) Yeess--I've seen & also recently photographed the WienerMobile too at our Youngsville Rouses, so I like that one for Deja vu effect?!

Link to where you can create your own PDF Portfolio on his webpage - I had hoped to copy at least one photo to share, but copyrights make me nervous...
Link to "not" his Wiki page - which at first, seeing the same name I thought it was him/the photographer...but apparently his Dad musta really loved Major League Baseball...or the Red give him the same name, or that's my conclusion from very little evidence....

And there are 25 individuals with the same name on Linked In...

I took curious delight in knowing his wife did 'not' take his last name--why oh why would the woman not want to be called A Hussey?! hmmm...curious that...bad enough a man to live that name down during certain times (imagine it's not such a big deal now a days as people have forgotten, unless reminded by Turner Classic Movies am guessing)--but all in all no where near as bad as being a Boy Named Sue right?!

Link to more images/portfolio on Workbook Photos - Tom Hussey...
(note: #15 saw this photo at the presentation for AAF luncheon, especially like the water in it, how it's captured as much as the guy's is fun, I am a Pisces...which if you didn't know is a Water Sign--such is, I'm guessing, the attraction in the first place...)
(note: #22 I adore these tiara/animal print wearing/book reading/prob drinking/Southern women--Oh how I would love to be a part of their book club meetings?! For the fun alone--somehow all that comes out in this photo, right?! We were told they do all travel wide & far to attend, hmmm, no surprise there... And they do so remind me of the SweetPotatoQueens--if you've seen those book covers, though I've never read one of their/her books...)
(note: #72 - here's the almost Norman Rockwell-ish image of boy with razor, boy with lots of tiny pieces of white tissue paper stuck on his face...Tom mentioned the comparison so I'm just repeating--I didn't make that up, just so ya' know...)
(note: #105 - #114 are the pharma series for the patch, all the old/young reflections...they are marvelous for many a reason, for me one of them is 'not' to buy a patch for Alzheimers?!)

His list of clients
(note: I imagine this is to the date of whenever the Porfolio was done...)

American Airlines
Beringer Winery
Blockbuster Video
Boy Scouts of America
BusinessWeek Magazine
Cadbury Schwepps
Chase Bank
FedEx Kinko's
Frito Lay
General Motors
Hewlett Packard
Home Depot
Hyatt Hotels
Inc Magazine
Johnson & Johnson
Jose Cuervo
LeapFrog Toys
Levi Strauss
Miller Brewing Company

Link to his Rep in Dallas--what's as much fun to see are the 'other' photog's images...
(note: I'm liking the looks of Montalbetti + Campbell especially in this line up...they do conceptual imagery & portraits...their webpage link...  And I could easily fantasize about them doing my Portrait photo?! They too have a sense of humor--check out their Biking is Believing image under Advertising on their webpage... Is Believing/1/ among others--I could imagine myself with a ruffle collar of roses I think...time for bed & ad dreaming time?!)

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