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Christmas on a Bayou & a Cajun Nutcracker

Christmas on a Bayou
The Cajun Nutcracker

Children's Holiday Books by local authors, but for us grown folks too

Christmas on a Bayou
A foke tale
Andrew M. Hebert 2011
Author, creator, inventor, retired architect
(note: in the inside back cover it says he's also illustrated the activity book)
A product of Earth Tools

How the Tale came about

The "Tale" is a mixture of my childhood memories that included trips to my mom's parents, Gaston & Beatrix LeBlanc.

(note: Gaston is the name of the alligator in a Gaston the green nosed alligator, instead of the red nosed reindeer, if I remember correctly & here I thought someone just made the name up for that alligator...Beatrix is a name I've only heard once & the creative gal makes jewelery that she sells online or brings to festivals...)

They lived in the "rice country" of South Louisiana.
On our ride to their home we would pass fields & fields filled with water for growing rice, along with migratory ducks & geese.
The roads passed through patches of cypress swamps.
Their house was around the corner off of a main highway in a small community called Iota.

(note: I have driven on the hwy pass the sign that says Iota - thinking one day I might pull off & see just what makes Iota a city, now I have some further incentive to find out more...)

We approached the house from the rear where we would see the "china ball" tree & "wash house" in the backyard.
We would run through the picket fence gate on to their front porch.
Their Christmas tree stood on the wood floor in the living room opposite the fire place.
My "rice growing" cousins would either go hunting that morning or later in the afternoon.
We often ate wild duck or goose with our Christmas dinner.
We would return home as the sun set and the night sky took over.
We would lie down on the rear dash board and watch beautiful sun sets and star filled nights.

At my parents house we would to my dad's mother's property in Parks, Hubert Sr. and Rita Hebert, to cut a cedar tree along the fence line about 2-3 weeks before Christmas.
We would sometimes add holly berry and moss to decorate the tree.
We would sit with my parents, Henry Sr. & Loucille Hebert, and search through a "Sears and Roebuck" mail order catalogue.
We would pick out pictures of gifts we wanted "Santa" to bring.

(note: we did this, though with different catalogs & when the boys came along they would circle not just pictures in catalogs but also in all the newspaper ads that would show up during the school sometimes too I seem to recall they would get to make a wish list by cutting out the photos of things they saw in newspaper ads/catalogs that either the teacher had brought in or were donated to the school/library for just those kinds of arts & crafts was for sure something to help with the excitement of Santa coming, that use to start after Thanksgiving, & it also helped Santa's Elves to figure out the kid's wishes for gifts that year...)

It is a local tradition to build bonfires along the Mississippi River which are lit Christmas night to guide Santa Clause on his journey south.
We always had a fire of some sort during the holiday season.

(note: living in Southern Louisiana/Lafayette, LA 3 different times I have still not managed to witness bonfires along the river or any bayou - tho I've been told it is still being would of been difficult for us in the city to make out way out to the river for this on Christmas night & still make it home to bed & up for Santa on Christmas Day - but even now this 3rd time I keep reading about them but have never seen them nor have read clear enough information to find out where they are--these bonfires for Christmas...I have to settle for lights at Acadian Village or The Zoo of Acadiana for my holiday lights fix rather than fires?!)

The original story was part of a local holiday contest.
The front cover photograph is actually decoration of our river property for a "Christmas on the Bayou" Event held in 1989.
While hanging the bottles, a young boy ask, what I was doing.
I told him the story.
Three days later I had an extra bottle hanging from the tree with a long list in it.

It gives me great pleasure to share this "Tale" with you and my family.

With the greatest of love for....

(note: here following that sign off I'm guessing are kids & grandkids names listed)

*** ~~~ *** ~~~ *** ~~~***

I won't give the "Tale" away after this introduction - but I'll list what they use to put on their Christmas tree, which was a Cedar Tree...


Link to an Exotic Christmas Tree Plantation in Louisiana - where you will find the Deodar Cedar Tree & this photo...

Nature elements from the swamp were collected for the tree, so...

moss (for icicles)
photo credit: Wiki
(note: none in my backyard at present, trees are not big enough/old enough)

wild holly branches with berries (for garland)
(note: cannot imagine what it would take to make a garland of these to string thru a cedar Christmas tree - kinda like popcorn/cranberry strings...I will never try them again, once was quite enough)

UL's Cypress Lake or aka the swamp on campus
(note: closest I've been to a swamp here, unless driving over the Atchafalaya bridge between Lafayette to Baton Rouge)

cypress wood &

photo credit: running bug farm - etsy
(note: now folks farm birds, save their feathers - the organic, green, free range, friendly way...which may or may not how they did that way back when--in Louisiana, on the Bayou...)

feathers made into colorful stars (for ornaments)

(note: can't seem to find a photo of one, so I may have to just make one...even on Instructables I don't find a photo of a plain feather star...nor by looking up natural ornaments on to DIY, tomorrow - like I need another Christmas project...)

as a tree topper...

a small carved wooden cross

You'll have to read the lovely Folk Tale to find out how the Bayou Children let Santa know what their wishes were & when/where he would collect them & more about the bonfires on Christmas Night

Having lived here in Lafayette, LA off & on for years I still had not heard this particular holiday Folk Tale - there are so many old stories passed on by word of mouth that I'm hoping someone in the family like this man have saved them & written them down to pass on to their families & for us all who live here or not to still be able to enjoy the old stories & traditions, so they're not lost forever with parents & grandparents

Note: too it's not just a story book it's a coloring activity book - so each page can be colored & in the back children can add their own pages

And this 2nd edition is being dedicated to a lost grandson at 7 weeks old - also in memory of his there's an annual Cooper Toys from Heaven Drive to benefit infants, children & teens at Children's Hospital in New Oreleans, LA

Link to their Facebook page...

note: this year was their 3rd annual toy drive

*** ~~~ *** ~~~ *** ~~~ ***

The Cajun Nutcracker
written by Chara Dillon Mock
illustrated by Jean Cassels

from the cover flap on the hardback book

It's Christmas Eve on Bayou Teche and young Merrae is celebrating with PawPaw, MawMaw, and other guests.
As she eats steaming gumbo and dances to the sounds of Zydeco, Merrae's excitement grows when her godfather Comeaux arrives with gifts--including a precious Nutcracker.
But Merrae's brother breaks the toy out of jealousy, so her godfather bandages the Nutcracker and carefully places him in a crib for the night.

That night, Merrae finds her home under attack by a swarm of nutria and the Alligator King.
As the creatures begin to close in on Merrae, the Nutcracker and his soldiers come to her rescue!
The Nutcracker then turns into a prince and takes Merrae on a magical journey through the swamp.

Whimsical illustrations capture the ballet scenes that follow when the two arrive in New Orleans, where they meet the Sugarcane Fairy, waltzing magnolias, and twirling beignets.

Cajun words and French phrases celebrate Louisiana culture in this imaginative take on the classic ballet.

Note: after reading this I realize that if you're not from here nor aware of Cajun culture or language then a whole bunch of these words you might have to look up (of course with an illustrated book you can just look at the picture & guess--then if you're really curious you can look it up online on Wiki or in a dictionary webpage...or imagine this, a real paper dictionary too)

Quick Made up Dictionary...

(note: for my foreign friends, or even ones that just happen to live in another state & still don't have a clue)

PawPaw/MawMaw = Father/Mother
Nutria = beaver size rat
        (note: so if you know the orig story it's the Rat King,
         here in this one it's the Alligator King)
Bayou = like a river
       (note: Teche would be the name of this one)
Magnolia = a large white flower found on Magnolia trees
Beignets = powered sugar covered donut square puff with no hole in 
           the center
          (note: best served with cafe au lait, coffee & milk)
Sugarcane = plant they make sugar from, it looks like a cane
           (note: they harvest sugar cane in many a field in

Link to Pelican Publishing - The Cajun Nutcracker...
Children fiction - Fairy Tales & Folklore


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Won This - I Don't Win

I Won This - I Don't Win

Art Walk
Downtown Lafayette
I walk into Genterie Supply Co
They're setting up for their guest artist/craftsman

Onezieme is there, as are his bags

self portrait

I've seen his bags previously, at Genterie's & at Kiki's - RiverRanch
So his gentlemen bags at the first location & his ladies at the second

On the table by the door is a display of many of his bags
I spy a red/burgandy clutch that I immediately have to pick up & touch
I'm hugging it, as I say I love it & I've wanted one & later I will say I'm going to win it
(as one does when one is daydreaming that they'll win something/anything)

Ross, one of the Genterie shop owners is there in his lovely Paul Bunyan beard & I have to comment on it's shape - later I will ask about his sister living just outside of Paris, why he's not gone to visit her & then find out she's moving back stateside in January (now where to put good use of her French & her art - have bought at least 2 of her smaller black & white photographs when she's had them on display at the shop last holidays I think it was)

John, the other Genterie shop owner - without a beard - is also there & we chat about Social Media or odd things in the shop that suddenly get followed like Whiskey Stones, eccetera...

Onezieme is moving around constantly with straps of leather hanging on his arm/shoulder as he's getting ready to do a quick impromtu demo of how he puts these bags of his together - with just 6 straps & some bolts on the side

Other's are setting up computers, keypads, laptops--something to record it all I'm guessing

He thinks he's met me before, which I always wonder about...yes, I have lived here 3 other times in life & yes, I did also attend UL when it was USL...then I hear he's moved to Houston to the Montrose area, which I've lived there 3 times in life as well (I like the number 3 & so do it often in all forms)

Montrose is a very arts/warehouse district area of Houston & I like it a lot (my oldest son is just moving back to Houston but nearer downtown, closer to U of H - later I will tell him to watch out for Onezieme...) I've been told someone thinks they've met me before, so I will at times say I must have a twin--as someone in the past has sworn to me that I must have a twin in town...

Besides making leather bags Onezieme majored in Architecture & will be putting that to use in Houston, in the 'green' designs - that I've seen are becoming more of the Houston landscape & I like it a lot, especially it seems downtown (I can't wait to see his work there & where he'll sell his bags on the side--or if they will one day be his work & architecture will become the aside maybe)

Of course I have to ask about the name--I mean really, who has that name? nobody I've ever known or read there's an ancient origin & then a French play on a name & then to it's final form I'm told (but as someone with Scotch/Irish orgin I know their names were also rearranged as immigrants)

I know I've probably picked up the red clutch bag at least 5 times by then, hugging it, holding it, smelling it... saying things like: so No Cow was harmed in the making of this bag right--I mean my sister (the animal rescuer) would have a c-ow...nevermind, I'm sounding rather girlish...
or another thing said like: Oh I can't get it but I would if I'd not already gotten my Christmas gift--some ink--while in Vegas recently (or so the hubby told me--that will be your Christmas present you know kind of thing...) Where? on my back, I don't show it off (not that it's not worthy, I'm just not that worthy of showing off my back or any other patch of skin on my entire body--esh...)

These bags of his I know go for hundreds, I've never owned a bag that was worth hundreds before--really I've never desired any designer bag that was worth that (or in those cases so said worth that, because mostly of a brand name or a designer's name)

Well, having to be off to Art Walk & theater volunteering--I'm told to go ahead & put my name in the drawing to win one of these bags (it will be winners pick he decides--which is very generous as they can run from I thought 200 up to 400) & this even though I can't stay for the John finds a notepad at first & then goes back for some stick it notes - I write my name on it & fold it stupidly with my name on the outside, while I was distracted by asking if I needed to put my contact info on it too & being told No, they know me/they know how to find me (& really as I'm a customer they also know where I live, literally)

This is what shopping local, shopping small businesses, keeping downtown alive means to me--these are 'nice' guys & I have 'nice' guys/my boys to buy good stuff for so I shop in their $500 purchases you get some kind of lifetime discount, so I'm working closer & closer to that goal--this including shopping for fun socks as well that don't always go to the boys (uh hum, nevermind that)

My stick it note in the fishbowl I shake hands with Onezieme, am sure I probably hugged Paul Bunyan bearded one & off I go into the night & Art Walk not even thinking that I could win a bag that night...

For Social Media sake & to help the guys out I get onto Facebook after having found Onezieme to add him or Onezieme Bags - then went on to get on Facebook to add a comment about Hey y'all don't bother (entering) I'm gonna win one of these beauties...

I was just kidding, really, but it was fun to pretend for the moment & if any kind of teasing gets these guys & their shop & this guy with the gorgeous bags noticed then I'll keep on kidding day & night?!

Love Art Walk, Love walking around Downtown Lafayette during Art Walk & now I've found out to go a bit early is fun too...was lovely walking thru AcA before the hoards accended as they do--which I've been there as a volunteer when someone doing the door count said the number was 800 people, so this was great being there when there was maybe 3 or 4 folks in the main gallery when I was there (after doing double duty & getting to make sure a poster got put up for one theater & another theater a correction postcard - just doing my arts volunteer duties, which can hardly call them that when they're such fun)

Arts & Fleas was outdoors this month & had more tables set up, out in front of Bolt - which was great of them to let them set up out there in their front courtyard, complete with Christmasy lights & on a perfect cool/not humid night...great fun seeing the local artists I've seen before & new ones & chatting with folks who haven't a clue at times where they live...

I get to tell people who live in Lafayette, who even live near Freetown for instance where Freetown is & that there's not only a Farmer's Market twice a week but also a Freetown Studio, plus can toss in there's even a Freetown Fries Food Truck there on Saturdays (then we're off on that topic--Oh there's Food Trucks in town...I swear some folks are 'living under a rock' as much as they notice what's going on in their own town?!)

Talking fries have to take a foodie break at Jefferson Street Pub, finally I got some of their famous fried pickles (that they keep running out of, which is what happened when I tried to order them another time for dinner) - Oh my, never thought I would like such things but you cannot just eat one...with that I had to try an adult grilled cheese too - so no snacks/wine out at Art Walk for me...again, dropped another poster--as my excuse for coming into the gastro-pub & Oh yeah why not let's order me some dinner too while I'm in there-haha of course

Off to the theater to watch the Effects of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds--I think was the name of the TeaSippers show...after earlier having dropped off fruit for the baskets & Christmas cookies, which there wasn't even one left for me to a baby lady apple instead...after that was over I didn't think anything about going home, walking the dogs, off to bed & almost forgot to check Social Media--then I remembered & wondered who won a bag by Onezieme...

There was a video of the drawing, I watched it--Ross had put the numerous now folded stick it notes into a bucket, then threw them up in the air--kinda sorta--while poor Onezieme had to try to grab one before it hit the floor...maybe he did, maybe he scooped one up--but when they read the name & started with Sharon--I thought wait a minute, can that be, is it...then came the last name & Yes it was Me, it was my name...

Immediate Face Splitting Grin appeared on my face & I started to glow I'm sure...
I'd won, I'd won something, I'd won a most beautiful something...
then I got to typing/gushing onto Facebook & Twitter & I don't know where else...

Next day I would take photos/others would take photos & there would be more Social Media sharing...

But what a lovely night's sleep, with visions of a ruby red clutch bag dancing in my head...
it was funny I did then proceed to dream about a red backpack by a pool that I left sitting there while in the water & someone ran off with it - but just one scene in a blurry dream sequence & when I woke up I knew I'd really won a red clutch that would not run off?!

Though I had a fleeting moment or two feeling guilty--should I take the bag, should I give the bag away, should I try to pay for the bag...I would not take it if the shop had to pay for the bag & then can I do justice to such a bag, can I share enough on Social Media to help any of these guys who are doing good things (I'd like to think they are also having fun while doing them) & good grief someone is going to have to take my photo because I've won something & really I do not take a great photo (like ever or maybe once when I had pig tails as a girl, but for sure not now...)

I got over it & got to downtown, after waiting for a wrought iron craftsman work on my stair rail--coming to the conclusion that really he had to have been the one to make them years ago, if not 4 or 5 years...which is such an interesting circle for us the 3rd owners to have ended up finding him again to come work on his stair rails--it's a small world in Lafayette, LA...

Even better arrive to find the Cafe Cohen Coffee Popup was at Genterie Supply Co for their Last Popup after they were suppose to just be doing it for the summer--got me a free Congrats Capp to go with my free Drawing Won Onezieme Red Clutch (that's a rectangular bag without a handle/arm strap on it, for you guys out there don't know your women's bags)

What a perfect way to spend a Sunday, hanging out, sitting on Geneterie's leather sofa hugging my new leather bag...tapping out Social Media love on my Droid (refusing still to get an iphone as that would mean I'd have to give up my Querty keypad)

I love these guys & their cozy shop--we discussed all that's needed now in there is a fireplace...more discussion on how to get in a fireplace without a chimney went on after that--even if they put in an art installation/aka fake one it would be just as fun & cozy or I think so

And I have to love the artist guy behind the bag, Onezieme--for making such wearable art to begin with & for giving one away at Art Walk & for, of course, drawing my crazy fun how that all worked out (perhaps I shoulda bought a Lotto with all that lucky radiating off me?!)

Links to all things Onezieme Mouton...




linked in

"Onézieme Bags are an elegant synthesis of structure and aesthetics. Six pieces of genuine leather and six stainless steel rivets are combined with an integrated woven pattern to create a composition that reveals the bag's structural integrity in the clean lines of its form. Each component is essential to the architecture of the bag, and the detailing of each component is essential to the bag's aesthetic. The line is offered in four sizes and a variety of colors and finishes to fit a wide array of personalities."

Catherine Guidry Photography - advert photos on her blog of Onezieme's Exquisite Line...

Catherine Guidry Photography - this was my favorite photo from her set, Onezieme chose a close up for his fav shot...which I like too, but the straps in this shot I'm loving their kinetic energy

Shop Kiki Online - Onezieme's bags
note: only the clutch & the entreprenuer

"Abbeville, Louisiana native, Onézieme Mouton is all about form and function when it comes to designing his unisex bags. A man of many talents, this architect/actor/academic/designer creates bags with the bare essentials in mind. 6 Strips of leather and 6 rivets are all it takes to make an onézieme bag. The six strips of leather are woven to strengthen the bags form and integrity."

Fab Story about Kiki's daugther & the Clutch bag--so much so that the bag he says should be named after her, so Katie's Clutch (I apologize if I've spelled someone's name wrong here, but it sounds good) It seems or I was told that when Onezieme was showing them his bags he tossed a rubber sample on the floor & Katie went for it/loved it/said he had to make those & I'm guessing for their shop it's only 1 of 2 bags that's on the online Kiki page, the Clutch...but really I don't think it's just a woman's bag thing, this clutch could be a laptop or a tablet/notebook bag or a portfolio bag or any number of other bags--tho mine just happens to be Ruby Red or Burgandy is the color name when you order it, so am not sure how gender-less that color happens to be (men wear pink shirts so why not carry red portfolio bags too...)

Anyway, someday I will have to wander into Kiki's shop & ask for Katie & just say Thank you (or I would never have won a gorgeous red leather clutch bag from Onezieme?!)

Genterie Supply Co

Shop Now - Onezieme's Explorer Shoulder bag
note: I think the Buck bag was the first one I saw & touched, it was nearly as lovely as picking up & touching the Clutch bag, nearly

"An elegant harmony of structure and aesthetics. Six pieces of genuine leather and six stainless steel rivets are combined with an integrated woven pattern to create a composition that reveals the bag's structural integrity in the clean lines of its form.

Each component is essential to the architecture of the bag, and the detailing of each component is essential to the bag's aesthetic.

+ Inside is unlined, meaning you can see the woven leather from the inside.
+ This bag is an absolute conversation starter..."

note: I love these guy's ads/marketing/social media & how they can turn a nice phrase or two as well... let's get this conversation started y'all--where is that beauty-ous bag of mine, all mine, mine, precious...oh wait--did the hobbits have bags...hmmm...Onezieme, maybe you should make a few bags for the hobbits (too bad the movie's are all done, or are they...)

Onezieme's (old) Blog

The Advocate wrote an article entitled: Bagman, about Onezieme

The Authored Ascension wrote an article...
Sew Chic: Onezieme Mouton Has Fashion Success in the Bag

The Patent (I had no idea you could find Patents online, on Google)
note: if this is true then what happens in 2018 when the term of the patent ends? do you get to renew these things or what--is that when folks get to start playing copycat for real...I just don't know & maybe I don't want to--I will enjoy my original Onezieme bag for now & for years to come, then we'll see what 2018 will bring (it's all I can do to get use to it being 2013 next year?!)

When he (Onezieme) was in Houston with Framework of Houston, TX
2004 International Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition
Professional Class Winning Entries

First Place Architectural: Smartframe
Submitted by Wyatt Frantom, Adam Janusz, Joe Meppelink, and Onezieme Mouton at FrameWork of Houston, Texas

Under Behind the Name you'll find that you can't find this spelling but you can find others...

The name Onezieme was not found.
Names that sound similar to ONEZIEME:
ONÉSIME m French
ONESIMOS m Ancient Greek, Biblical Greek
ONESIMUS m Biblical, Biblical Latin
ONISIM m Russian
ONISIMU m Old Church Slavic
OYUNCHIMEG f Mongolian

I will look up it's origin another time

There--I'm done with everything Onezieme
other than to say thank you Thank You THANK YOU!!!

photo note:
again my DropBox photos can't be added right away until I delete photos it seems over on Picasa
thanks be to Google (I am not going to pay?!)
whatever am I doing wrong now or more likely what is it I need to learn yet, hmmm
Social Media fun can sometimes be unfun

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Next - SteamPunk Festival - Year One

Next - SteamPunk Festival - Year One

Cite des Arts
Lafayette, LA
Saturday - November 10, 2012
10 am - 4 am (& beyond)


Christy - MC at first SteamPunk Fest Fashion Show
(really she organized the whole entire festival)


Jim at First Steampunk Fest street performances

Maureen at First Steampunk Fest street performances
waiting for the Confabulation of Gentry to perform next
(also sitting next to Steampunk Fest Fashion Show contestant -
Steampunk Puppeteer)

link to Cite des Arts Steampunk Fest photos...

link to Confabulation of Gentry You Tube at SteamPunk Fest Lafayette LA...
(note: love his terribly old fashioned microphone & of course Christy & Rick dancing in the street)

link to Confabulation of Gentry's Webpage - Consortium of Genius...

link to Facebook events page with Steampunk Fest photos...

link to Flickr album by infrogmation of Lafayette Steampunk Fest 2012...

link to The Vermilion (Univ. Louisiana - Lafayette) Steampunk Fest article...

CDA's steampunk festival brings subculture to life
by Zack DuFour

"Celebrating its 10th birthday, Cites Des Arts held its first-ever Steampunk festival Saturday that included a fashion show, a retelling of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” and a performance from Lafayette’s own imagineIAM."

link to Imagine I AM Facebook page...

original art poster by Kody Chamberlain
(on IndieGoGo it was an award, but missed out on it...only have a mini paper flyer from the Festival, a las--maybe next year?!)
link to Kody Chamberlain's webpage & all his art, comic creations...

link to Kody Chamberlain's poster art design for the first Steampunk Fest at Cite des Arts...

link to Curious History of Steampunk Art on Oddities of Life Tumblr...

(note: had no idea there were 18 Steampunk Artists around the world...or showing at the museum in the UK, after that count who knows for sure?!)

Link to the Steampunk exhibit at Museum of the History of Science...

link to The Ind article - Learn the art of Steampunk at Cite by Wynce Nolley...

link to the IndieGoGo campaign for Steampunk Festival...

note: a punk, steam gearhead, steam crafter...wish could of been a Captain Steampunk?!

link to URL on Vimeo to watch the IndieGoGo campaign video for Steampunk Festival...

??? this was suppose to link the Vimeo video to my blog--whatever did I do wrong...

<iframe src=";portrait=0" width="400" height="300" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

First Steampunk Fest Fashion Show at Cite des Arts
Ballerina in the middle & the girl in green on the right will share the Win
both of them made their costumes

the girl duo with the umbrella did a skit with their costumes
which I think was a Fab idea to do that in the theater next year
skits or plays or ??

I missed earlier the reading of The Raven with the Steampunk Puppeteer's (Rick Rowan) acting out of the poem by none other than Edgar Allen Poe


Rick Rowan as Steampunk Puppeteer
with his rod puppet
note: later on November 20th he'll be interviewed on KRVS at 88.7 FM for nearly an hour & will include talking about his participation in this First Steampunk Festival at Cite des Arts...
link here to The Exchange interview...

First Steampunk Festival Cite des Arts
Original poster art by Kody Chamberlain
(note: I will buy one of these t-shirts...
it will become my Steampunk costume - best I could do on short notice...
that & my Kraken necklace accessory, thank you Arts Kinetic/aka Forrest from NOLA for that?!)
link to a review of: A Steampunk book series? Yes please--tho it says in the blog post it's for tweens mostly am still intrigued (how does one write steampunk? hmmm...most must read one...) - The Crown Phoenix series by Alison Deluca...


Steampunk cake from the UK - friend went to a wedding, took photos...
note: this may have been the first I heard of Steampunk as in crossing over into the real world & into weddings or at least in the UK (here I've still had to tell lots of folks what Steampunk even is...)
I was living in Stavanger, Norway at the time (so over 2 yrs ago now) when a friend from the UK went back home for a wedding & she dressed in costume & she took photos & she told me that...
This couple getting married dressed as did the guests in Steampunk fashion & their whole ceremony/reception room was also in this theme, as of course was their cake--what great fun, I would so love to attend a Steampunk wedding...
Brillian Idea for Next (the Second / to be Annual) Steampunk Festival in Lafayette, LA at Cite des Arts on Vine Street...
Someone please get Married & do that Party up Right?! Aie...
(or in Texan talk that would be YeeHah with a cowboy hat in the air?!)
I have sadly/oddly run out of photo storage on Google
do I want to pay to post more photos?
should I delete all photos in Picasa - that are saved elsewhere in order to get more space?
well until I decide what to do--that's it for the Blog photos I guess - Urgh... :o(

Monday, November 12, 2012

Vegas to SteamPunk Fest - Next

Vegas to Steampunk Fest - Next

whenever can get to computer upstairs as right now no stairs - remodeling
but perhaps the netbook will work out in mean time & with the cell phone photos to DropBox
until the point 'n shoot camera photos are uploaded to the PC, these will have to do

in the beginning...there was packing - which even after many a city/state/country trip & living years as an ExPat I'm still the worst & always Always pack too much/not enough, it never fails (Yes I will buy something/s too when I get there as well to have to pack on return...)

on my FB page someone mentioned it sounded like I would need a Sherpa for the list of things I said I was packing in my beloved spinner bag--I liked that idea, it would be Fab to have a packing Sherpa & a carrying Sherpa as well (even while domestic traveling?!)

thank the inventive/creative/patent universe for luggage on wheels, in this case Samsonite--or I would prob not still be traveling!

Mandalay Bay - 11th floor room
has a Strip/Airport view
large suite w/double sinks & TV for viewing from the jacuzzi tub
(who has time to soak in a tub--then came the tatt so no soaking in anything?!)

link to the hotel/casino complex, as it's tooted as having 11 acres of pool, including the Lazy River & 7 Falls & there's the adjacent Events/Convention Center (where the SEG will meet for the week, which is why we are here--mostly & to check Vegas off the Never Traveled to Before List) or a Wedding chapel or spa or shops or restaurants or House of Blues or ???--what to properly call these Monsters, there needs to be a new word coined...City of Mandalay Bay, Village of Mandalay Bay?!

link to Mandalay Bay Beast...

snacks/water bottle wooden tray next to this is wired, so we were warned it's weighted--if you pick up any item on it you get charged (we did not touch it) & here locked up under a case is the mini Patron & to it's right I think Vodka, possibly Grey Goose...still Patron?? & you have the key, next to a tray of nuts & candy & water say just 'if' you drink/gamble & come into your room without a care in the world what are the odds you'd be willing to pick up anything at all to eat/drink or unlock this wee (evil) case for something special to celebrate?? I thought this was all very unkind--as was the fact there was no coffee/tea maker in the room at all?!

on floor C - aka Casino
here sits a Van Helsing's betting machine (not really a slot machine)
so teased the theater folks some back home who had just done Dracula for Halloween--
here he shows up again, only instead of going after blood there's a money draining to be going on if you try & play the game (this also is a lot more handsome a Van Helsing character)
me, I don't gamble (nor drink) so I refuse to put a penny or a dollar in anything like this
but in Vegas I can lose my money elsewhere (there will be shopping & a tatt coming my way that I will be throwing dollars at instead--we all have our vices eh....)

at the Mandalay Bay Noodle House there is this menu posted outfront
all looking rather normal, with typical selections & a bit higher prices
until you get to 2 items
Birds Nest Soup is something like $98.00??
so some of us standing around said it must be it's a whole bird in a nest?
I'm thinking eeewww...I don't want to find out?!
directly under it another item at $88.00?? the 2nd most pricey item on the menu
braised whole abalone--so is that tuna? a tuna fish at this price...
again I just don't want to ask & will 'not' be ordering either
(later we will go for lettuce wraps, soup & din sum - sp? - which will all be tasty & not 'this' expensive...
in our rush to eat/run we forget to ask the waitress what's up with these 2 items afterall...)

my fav photo on the floor of the SEG convention
tho of course I didn't spend days in there & did not visit every space
love these modern chairs & the colors - could be possibly any age/any space

after this will have the best tiny plate of appetizers before the table is rolled away
mini beef puff pastry the French way was one of the yummyest
so what to do? wander over to the Arabic vendor space for Arabic coffee in mini mouthwash paper cup--
only to find out that it's the 'golden' coffee that I made the mistake of buying once while living in Doha, Qatar
ít's a spiced coffee with Cardamon in it & a distinct flavor, it's a good thing it was so tiny a cup
after that what better for dessert but lovely whole dates on a tiny fork, complete with pitts
(something I did enjoy learning to eat while living in the desert, as was drinking perfect mint teas?!)

frog/lizard/diety in cement in a fountain in Mandalay Bay after the Casino or really the lines get confusing, where one thing ends & another's all Adult Disney--all of Vegas is...sigh...

after-party number one...
The Irish Pub - still in Mandalay Bay (you don't have to really leave the place, it's acres...) it's a real one in all it's parts & including the real Irish band...will see this on the TV the next day, where there's a dedicated Mandalay Bay Channel & a girlie girl walks around to visit everything & talk to everybody who owns anything (imagine she's also shopping...)
plus there's real Irish fan couple in the crowd, she in orage shirt/he in what I'd call a Mardi Gras Leprechan outfit - with a blinking necklace/shamrock & something in their hands that also lit up when you moved them, which they did in beat with a number of the traditional songs like you might raise a sword...
not to mention wanna be Irish ones doing the Irish jig of some sort (under the influence of say a Guinness or a pint of some such or maybe even an Irish Coffee am guessing?!)

after Googling the band name am confused, from the lead singer I thought he said the Wolfe Tones - but then from Wiki he looks like Noel Nagel, tho the rest of this band at The Irish Pub were all young a new version of the Irish Rebel Music that started back when with others in the band--they did do a number of their famous songs I read now, tho didn't know while listening to them thought some must be very traditional Irish music, like the one about the Potato Famine...

and as this band/leader or Irish go there's a story long or short behind every song & every song was given an intro--in what I couldn't understand of an Irish/Dublin accent, sorry to say?!

read more here at this link...

Day Two - shopping adventure at the Forum Shops, outside Ceasars Palace
$10 Taxi ride between the two of us--more time for window shopping...
or Palazza strolling, past Gigantic fountains, with daylight in one section & dim night skies in another--with stars?! (later will read the architect that built the Bellagio fountains may have built these too, but don't quote me--hah...make that on pretty much anything?!)

as an aside all this sky painting & tops of what look like roughly Italian faux fronts/rooftops all remind me of the Villagio Mall from back in Doha, Qatar (am guessing they copied somebody) - fun to see this all again, it's a lovely illusion that makes you feel like you are outdoors...with the air space all around & the sky painted above & the high roof tops above the shops, if the sky moved they would have me totally caught up in the illusion...hmmm...
start daydreaming SciFi & wonder is this what life in future will be, trapped always indoors with the illusion of outdoors--as my son wrote when he was a kid, his story the treees were brought indoors to preserve them & each house would have a single tree in their house to keep care of...sad in a way, but you start to wonder at times is he that far off?!
still I'm in Adult Disney--so must march on to a different beat of the Mickey Mouse drum...

Forum Shops Window Shopping
How Fabulous the ceramic flowers at Louis Vuitton
like Window Art--use to daydream of being a Window Dresser...

H&M here is the largest in the world--which I read, but walking around it with all the youthful directed clothing I was I have been to this shop in Doha, Qatar & found it a lot more diversified in selections/depts - like there was a housewares for instance, but here it looks like nearly all one Dept on 3 floors?!

plus my friend & I spotted a skull tank top on sale, perhaps leftover from Halloween--which we thought we'd check out coming back down from the 3rd floor, only to find it gone when we did & nobody around to ask where did it go...she tried on few things & we gave up, left empty handed from the Largest H&M...sigh...wondering how could that happen, but there are so many more marvelous wonders to behold in the Forum Shops--onward Shoppers March?!

fuel stop--lunch at Planet Hollywood--not because of loving it like those that visit Hard Rock Cafes all over the world, but the Kobe Beef Burger I had was delish (which I wasn't totally won over with the idea of Kobe beef--this was from American Kobe Cows I'm told...I do often wish I could be a Carrot Cruncher, but have very little will power in the end...shakes head--tell myself I'm on Vacation, I cannot get ''deep" into anything...)
their place setting gave you something to do too--try to recall all the movies "Awnold" has ever been in & which ones did he say these lines in...could only come up with either T-1 or T-2 or something to do with babysitting movies hah?!

out on their patio/balcony there was the view of Paris - Madame Eiffel - which I adore anywhere & everywhere, but esp the real one in Paris, France?!

looking around on the way out spot this great wallpaper 'n girl?!
wonder now if they didn't paint the little actress in the movie but had this faux one with the wall prop done/filmed instead
The Addams Family daughter, was her name Wednesday--her brother Pugsley...but was this from games they played at home or was this during the time at Summer Camp (still find it hard to put this girl together with what she's grown up to be, a big girl--all over...)
love the painted illusion & reminds me of the professional model that use to get painted up as animals or in designs where she would disappear into the scene behind her (was it Varuschka--aka Vera) & then more recently movies with Sherlock Holmes painted up to look like say a cushioned drawing room chair?!

Movie: Addams Family Values 1993
(their 2nd movie - taken from the 1960's TV show, that I use to watch & love...along with The Monsters?!)

House of Blues in Mandalay Bay

Art bench, wooden, painted skeletons, license plate seats (shiny) with locks & keys hanging all over this one & others along the walkway (would love to create one, as would guess can't afford one?!)

Santana...The Santana is playing at the House of Blues - a whole wall of posters of what may be shows or album art (not sure as I was never a super fan but many a song I have loved of his,) 1st show started on Wednesday but we have plans (that include the boss & the boss's wife so we have no chance of ditching that dinner...then too these tickets are $89 for standing room & starting at $100 for a seat in the house?!)

inside the House of Blues shop find Santana's Milagro's items for sale that go 100 percent to a children's charity/foundation he's involved of course I found a heart or two in a pin (1 as a gift, so will post a pic of only mine - now pinned on my Prana purse, since it's fabric it's easily done...)

Milagro = Miracle

the link to Milagro Foundation...

another after party--this time a dinner at The China Grill
my name tag & event menu
someone missed us wive's first names at our table
looking at the menu we thought we had a choice of each course...
only to find out we were going to get everything on this menu??!!
granted it was all de lish ous - but why oh why so much food
I 'had' to have coffee at the end for the poor digestive system
(if I were on Twitter this would be a #firstworldproblem)
would of loved to have gone back to find out what was mixed in with the chocolate or filling in the many layered cake (one of the multiple desserts like the rest of the menu) that had the taste of pepper in it somewheres & I don't usually like hot spicy stuff with my chocolate but this was so well/delicately done that my taste buds were happy (actually this at the end of all else they were just plain wore out so funny they'd get woke up by a spice touch?!)

Day Three - I think, so easy to lose track (then we've lost 2 hrs from traveling LA to NV & then another 1 hr from the time change-so already a confused body clock?!)

luncheon for Spouse Program with Lady Magician, an award winning one
we get those pashminas on all our chairs, I noticed the color right off
my chair was blue--good for a Pisces water sign...
as was the Koi fish for a tatt from Starlight Tattoo also in Mandalay Bay
Phil from Virginia, going back to, was the perfect artist for my skin art
he's working on a Kraken piece (aka Octopus, tho some say a Squid - or maybe both?!) 
Koi fish are revered in Japan/China, a strong symbol but differing opions on color meanings
my two Koi will fade but orange & brown shading--which hurt less than the outlines...
it's a wonder no screaming or crying, just an eee...or an & again over the 2 hrs was it?!
my tatt boy in the Army saw my new tatt pic on text & told me 'sweet fishes'- I agree?!
(now for saranwrap to sleep on, tape, non fragrance lotion, cleanser--will have to find the Drug Store down the Strip for tatt care supplies soon after this?!)

link to Mario Barth's Starlight Tattoo Vegas...

link to read more about the sea monster that is Kraken...
(note: missed this reference to Norway before, as in spotted off the coast of Norway...could the Vikings have encountered a Kraken? I wish I'd known to do more research while living in Stavanger, Norway at the time...sigh...cannot know everything--nor at the right time as well it seems?!)

A Kraken (aka colossal octopus) - per Wiki source:
back on SEG floor for free drinks, including a blinking martini glass or was that a margarita & pass by the middle of LatinNight going on in a packed vendor space - skip the arepas I can see thru the glass cubicle walls, as we lived in PLC Venezuela for a lot of years so have had them before & don't see any Salsa dancing going on which is what we'd like to see but were dancers in costume, one girl with a red head dress that must of weighed a ton?! (looked like bullfighter spikes with red ruffled paper/ribbon down it spread out like a turkey tail head dress-she should be attached to a float?!)

blinking martini/margarita glasses - from
but just like the ones on the SEG floor (those had 3 settings, so color changing, or one color or blinking - we did not carry these around to take back to room to then wash out/take apart/pack to take home...what an awful hope they sort to recycle at Mandalay Bay?!)
on to another after party at none other than Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, which took a tour bus ride from Shark Reef entrance of  Mandalay Bay to the place or nearby in front of the Flamingo (loved their neon sign, in pink - so wanted to go to an Old School show, but never made it to any...sigh...nor a Cirque de Soilel show either)

besides Cheese Burgers in Paradise there was more & lei's of faux flowers & a club band, later a big B-Day cake - that we skipped no matter the 30yr Anniv for Landmark I think it was...but we were there to not win 1 of 3 iPads being raffled off & for the Volcano Act - dancing girl & 3 stilt walking guys who did a long theatrical/dance act thru the club, then up she goes up the volcano top near the ceiling, into the crater full of spraying lights/water, to slide down into the water tank bubbling & back up she goes on a giant hook (pulleys from the ceiling) to continue her cross between circus/stripper act, only no pole she has a giant silver hook to dance move on over the water tank, splashing water down to the floor (it's a wonder my phone camera caught anything in motion...)

btw we did not at any time spot Jimmy Buffett, except on the giant TV screens when we got to hear (I use that term loosely, as in a loud riotous bar of after partyers given 3 drinks each & warmed up for Volcano eruptions & such?!) a video song of his, love the shot of him in Bermuda shorts & flip flops--of course?!

link to Margaritaville Las Vegas...
link to Margaritaville Las Vegas - Volcano show (or 4 min 2010 version) - check out dancing girl swinging on a giant fish hook over the bubbling 'lava flow' - uh huh - but that is Jimmy Buffet singing in the background & up on the giant video screen...

note: there is at least a bar in NOLA also called Margaritaville, very tropical decor there far as I know tho no Volcano show & it looks like from the Tour Schedule we just missed Jimmy Buffett who was in Vegas back Oct 27th--so close...we got a video show of his instead, maybe just as well...

Day Four, but who's counting--this from Sunday I think, is it Wednesday? hmmm...
anyways off for a stroll up down/all around Southend of the Strip - from an express tram at Mandalay Bay past Luxor to Excalibur, then a wild adventure up & down the escalators/stairs/crossover walkways of the Strip (aka the Las Vegas Strip...)

find the giant Walgreens & CVS across the street--these are Department Store size Drug Stores, enormous...I find all my tatt care products, a souvenir & a yogurt--cannot tell you how much miss some normal food, so much so that stand outside & eat my peach good...people watch, the things folks will wear in Vegas & really beers before lunch?? I think many get a kick outta wandering streets with drinks in their hands...sigh...also when I return back to hotel from a day of this I will have a sun pink chest & lungs that feel like they've breathed 2nd hand smoke all day long & my lips cannot be smeared with enough chapstick (this after living in the desert before, I have downed a lot of water--my water bottle attachment is close to baby bottle envy?!) Am wondering if Vegas is healthy & you'd have to work hard at being so if you actually lived here--then you'd prob never go to The Strip except once a year or with foolish visitors?!

continue past the M&M's shop, or after go in & up/down the stairs--could never work here can hardly shop, the smell of that sickly sweet chocolate all day will buy nothing, it's a sad Sad display of consumerism / brand gone wild in the worst it all Made in China as well, I will 'not' look...I also pass the Coca Cola shop--tho at night the neon up & down the Coke bottle is fun, Adult Disney I remind myself (best viewed from the outside & in short amounts of time...)

onward to find the Hard Rock Cafe sign which I'm told is where the Miracle Mile begins & was also told it was just 20 min's from the drug store, which feels like an hour ago at that point...time & distance are lost in Vegas/on the Strip...but do find the door & btw it is no miracle in this 1/2 circle mall--stop for green tea at a coffee shop that is not a Starbucks (they are hard to find, but I continue to try to find them...) there is an American Apparel shop full of T-shirts Made in the USA--wish they had one in Lafayette or LA somewheres, it's harder to shop online & am looking to have my Wardrobe Mistress T's printed on 100% cotton as well as Made in the USA (so few brands, it's sad, but I will support the local few!!)

saw 2 Tattoo places on my Walk About--1 on the street as a Kiosk, would never (how does the Health Inspection pass there?!) & the other 1 in the Mall, more a real shop/parlor - but more jewelery than tattoos am guessing, Oh the skulls & bling but a few other to see one had taken a bullet shell/added a crystal inside to stick out the end like a bullet head--which I've already found here in Lafayette last Xmas or before at the Boho Mercantile Bayou flea market, so it seems to be in the crafty psyche, like feathers...

finally make my way across the street before get to Paris (or is it Paris Paris like New York New York?) to where I saw the designer shops signs, where I find the window displays & the Mall interiors of more interest & snap a few pics...Louis Vitton again, the red&white polka dots, the octopus tentacles, the colorful ceramic flowers, then on to Jimmy Choo & the artists display out in the mall roped off & being guarded, in case someone tries to snatch a beglittering angel/devil teddy clutch or bag or what he's known for--shoes (have never entered his shop nor tried on a pair of shoes--but I know a working lady Norwegian who has been to NYC numerous times & owns numerous pairs of JC's shoes?!)

inside the Crystals I think it's called, is it a Mall? or what to call higheee... end shops in a cluster like this hmmm... nevermind... there are fake trees with lit up/glittering flowers that hang like Wisteria would elsewhere in the real world the center of this shop center is a restaurant with glorious ship to church like wooden ribs surrounding it & lovely old classic ship like wooden steps leading down or up to it...I take the stairs down slowing, they are so beautiful, imagine Titanic in long ball gown...then I take the next set of stairs & see people taking photos at the bottom--I think they too think the wood steps are beautiful, then at the bottom I turn around & see all the risers lit up with oyster shells of different sizes & colors, so had to also take a photo of them & helped a couple take their photo sitting on the steps (when she asked if I was there solo & did I want my photo taken too--said yes but thank you, I'd rather take photos of stuff & not me?!)

link to restaurant at Crystals--it's Mastro's Ocean Club...

after this came a fun water fountain installation, it was glass columns with water in them moving like tiny tornadoes, some were also in the floor, with colored lights in them--stood on one in my Tom's for a photo but it's in the point & shoot camera, which will add those photos later (when I get upstairs again--today they will be done, tonight I will have my PC back...) I felt like a kid playing in the fountain but not getting wet--the Adult Disney-land illusion continues...
on the walking sidewalks/escalators/stairs trails back to Mandalay Bay in Excalibur hotel inside on their moving sidewalks on the walls are ad posters for their knights in armor battle show, adore the one about Norway (I will post it on FB for the pals back in Norway to enjoy--Norway to Win...but of course, it should read Win & not Lose we're talking Vikings back then right?!) There is a Renaissance Fest in Texas that do these, you can eat big turkey legs with your fingers & watch jousting from inside the stadium castle seats...

also go to wander the Mandalay Bay shops which are in more than one place in the hotel sprawl/acres - spot a hair salon with the best wallpaper ever...running with scissors has a new meaning?!

link to Crystals--so much more than shopping...


I agree--only it's all "eye-candy" inside?!

outside in front of Mandalay Bay...
day before leave finally make it to the 7 Falls & at the entrance these cement guardians--dragons, more creatures of myth, love this shot (on many level--esp like the repeat design of cushion stitching, dragon backbone, palm fronds...)
inside there are real Komodo Dragon, at the Shark aquarium - which will go see too, where there are frilly jellyfish & one spotted shark with an eel like tail that would be a big surprise in the sea to think it was 1 evil sea creature when it's another?!
you can pet stingrays, which I will skip & will not be trying to put my hand in the pirana tank--can you imagine? they have to post a staff member to stand guard there to watch to warn folks not to do this, am told it use to be a Koi tank so that's why the glass is open & we wonder where the Koi went, hoping they did not become Pirana food?!

Vegas airport - early...
love all the art, so there are butterflies, that form a cloud airplane (they are paper ones, thankfully & not real) go downstairs to shuttle to then go upstairs at terminal, where pass at first a lizard in the floor looking like sunk in desert sand & then upstairs this bunny sitting in the middle of the walkways of the shops... looks as if cracked mud/rock sculptured by water/sand/wind... I needed the art interlude before flying 2 1/2 hrs to Houston with 1 hour layover to 1/2 hr flight back to Lafayette...

hardly a days rest, like who rests in Vegas--I took a book, whatever was I thinking...find out stair guys coming day early, on Sunday? & that Saturday is the SteamPunk Fest at Cite des Arts & not a hat/costume to be found (money in Vegas went to larger than expected Koi fish tatt--but no more birthmark scar, so much better than that to come home with...joked the 1 thing that did not stay in Vegas?!)

so buy bye Vegas (Viva Las Vegas--as Elvis might have said...) and Hello Lafayette--now where's my nautical octopus silver necklace (aka possible Kraken) the only piece of a SteamPunk costume I own...but next year, next...


drum roll...baaa...rummm...the point 'n shoot photos from same trip to Vegas, looking so much finer than that smarty phone photos...
will not describe them all, just enjoy the view
(& remember--one day I'll take a How to Take Photos with a Camera Lesson...some day...)

Mandalay Bay--11th floor room view, from left--The Strip, to center/right--the Airport

Forum Mall at Caesars Palace--ceilings/blue sky, fountains

Louis Vuitton - window shopping
red/white polka dot...the Kraken never looked so good...

Window Display...Fashion in the Bag...
whatever is that dress made of--must
(OK--it's made out of shopping bags)

near the 2nd set of fountains there is an aquarium...
am feeling somewhat like this colorful fish, only out of the water - peeking behind fake statues & fountains with fake blue sky/white clouds above...(as I've said before--Adult Disney...)

back to Louis Vuitton & ceramic wild polka dot flowers this time

love the antique mirror in this shop...
afraid to even walk in, will just snap a shot from the window passing by

2nd set of it Bacchus or an Emperor...she is bearing fruit, or is it just grapes--which make wine, which is what Bacchus I believe was all about...the Roman Forum illusion (aka Adult Disney) continues...

view off the patio/balcony of Planet Hollywood Vegas
Forum shops at Caesars Palace
see Paris/Eiffel in the distance

inside Planet Hollywood Vegas...
Addams Family Values Movie set piece
Wednesday playing invisible

outside House of Blues
art benches
found objects--license plates, locks, keys, wood...

also outside House of Blues...
Santana is playing - poster art wall
are these posters from shows or album covers
I do not know enough & we will miss the show on Wednesday night
(see Milagros Foundation above & my heart for the Miracle charity)

mini Patron under lock 'n key, but way to easy to access
(we were never tempted btw)

out the window view one morning--I spy Window Washers...
there are 3 of them, 1 already on the ground, 1 up top soon down to the middle...
good thing I was not looking out my window with any of them just hanging there--can they see in these golden windows? hmmm...OK, so what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas right?! (or so that catchy ad phrase goes...)

SEG Spouse's Program Luncheon with lady magician
here a volunteer comes up to write out 3 wishes
then in the envelope clipped to the middle of the curtain with Wishes written on it
has indeed this woman's 3 wishes written on a paper inside it, still smelling or marker

I think she wished Health & Happiness on herself, everybody in the room & to a new Grand Baby
(so like all the Beauty Contests Question/Answer sessions--there is World Peace or Health & Happiness...)

It could be this is Melinda--the First Lady of Magic...or so goes that title, but what little to nothing I know--I've never seen her before...still it's a 'cute' show all in all, it is afterall--a lady's luncheon in a well lit small conference room...I did like her having the 1 of few men tie her up & then behind a curtain ring end up with his jacket on under the did she pull that one off?! Ah, such is magic...

love the neon
I needed a neon city tour
esp pink neon
the Flamingo
(we did not see a classic dancing girls show, or guys revue either for that matter--as we missed the Vegas Legends show on Wednesday at the SEG Ballroom closer...)

playing the giant Fishing Paradise game
quite mesmerizing to watch the fish swim by...
the game gets more exciting as all the chairs are full--your odds get better I am told...
after a short while I am dizzy & walk away (they both made money, it will go to their heads)

Mandalay Bay from the pool area
love the cement frogs & the lizard...
and Lazy River
(grew up in FL, have seen a palm tree or two--but I do like to see them en group once again I must say...)

Crystals shops - Louis Vuitton - red polka dots
& tornado fountains in the center
with my traveling red Tom's

love the crooked buildings, the sky, the clouds
more Adult Disney-land
reminds me of Doha, Qatar
(there were also crooked/leaning buildings being built there when we lived there as ExPats--many many moons ago...)

VIP...not what you think...
Vegans Inhaling Porterhouse--LOL

at New York New York
classic Pepsi Cola
am curious if was an advert for real that they're copying

Mandalay Bay
House of Blues
sunset, could not wait for pink-ing of the clouds

Luxor pyramid
just like Egypt...oh yeah--I've been there, so not...
but back to Adult Disney--can I suspend my believe just long enough for the illusion

the Sphinx
with some color, less a lot of pigeons up his nose...
as we've seen him for real, in Egypt & not in Adult Disney
(aka The Strip, aka Vegas)

Norway to Lose...

Oh No--that's Viking country, so much more likely Norway to Win?!
We did not see this show at Excalibur--but great adverts!!

Mandalay Bay
lounge lizard by the pool
dragon out front at 7 Falls

Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay
another lounging lizard--giant Komodo Dragon
Lionfish, frilly jellyfish (do those tentacles sting?)

Good bye Vegas lights -
Oh My the Waste of Energy on The Strip...
but the sparkle & bling can be pretty for a short while
someday they will have to shut it off/shut it down--but until then...
Adult Disney awaits...for someone else, we're done--been there, done that, moving on...