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The Night the LITE Center went Orange

The Night the LITE Center went Orange...
for CES = Creative Economy Summit
11/9/11 6-9p CT
Wed Nov 9 2011

"Lafayette is an up-and-coming hot spot for the Creative Class in the Southern US.
The Creative Economy Summit will focus on the importance of creativity, diversity & innovation as major driving forces of economic growth, & outline how these factors must be addressed if Lafayette is to realize its full potential.

Join us for a series of talks on these elements of our creative economy & a panel discussion on how we can enhance & expand our economy to create jobs while preserving & celebrating the spirit of culture & entrepreneurship that makes us so unique.

The Summit is the kick-off event of the Creative Economy Series which will extend into a continuing dialogue on developing & nurturing a creative economy in Lafayette. The Series will take the form of quarterly talks & symposiums."

* Summit Program
15 minute presentations:

Diversity Dollars & Sense
Joe Traigle
President & CEO of Sheffield Consulting,
a business mngt consulting firm operating nationally.
is a resident of Baton Rouge & 39 yrs old
(tho I don't know what age's got to do w/it)

The Necessity of Innovation
Phanat Xanamane
BA Architecture UL Lafayette
MS Architecture&UrbanDesign Columbia Univ NYC
Teaches at LSU School of Architecture
Urban Design Practice: Phanat Xanamane Studio New Iberia
Da Berry's Creative Director

(*note: My I Learned Something Moment - or - about Louisiana at least, is that the local's name for New Iberia is "Da Berry")

Link to webpage about the Envision Da Berry art/community project for urban renewal efforts...

The Power of Creativity
Conni Castille & Allison Bohl

Allison Bohl
makes movies w/a nat'l look & creative touch...documentaries, experimental films, music video & features...aims for beauty w/minimal equip.
BA Fine Art UL Visual Arts
Doc's w/ Conni: I Always do My Collars First
Raised on Rice & Gravy
Music Vid: Blessd Be, Honey Bee - Grand Hallway, Seattle
First Feature length Documentary: King Crawfish
(note: this is what we got to see the trailer for - as I've lived for a short time during college in Breaux Bridge, back when the Crawfish Festival was held in the streets, I know I'll like this film...remember I also owned a "Breaux Bridge is Better" marroon T-shirt at the time too...)
Currently she is directing "Louisiana Crossroads" program of the AcA for the Arts - introducing a TV series highlighting the exceptional work/stories of LA muscians...
(note: also love when she said she was a part of The Compound - link to their FB page: - a creative community, where many of them are now involved in the new theatre next door to Carpe Diem Gelato & Espresso...)

Conni Castille
a foklorist & filmmaker in Breaux Bridge, LA
Assist Dir of UL Moving Arts Center
Instructor English Dept
Written/Directed/Produced films/videos/doc's:
I always do my Collars first
Raised on Rice & Gravy
Congres Mondial de Acadien
King Crawfish
Horse Play

2011 NOLA Film Fest - acceptance & nominated for award: King Crawfish

(note: Coming Soon & we got to see the trailer?! of course you can too, only on your computer screen via YouTube... Link to YouTube of King Crawfish: )

Link to the Crawfish Festival in Breaux Bridge, LA - March 22-25, 2012 is the next one...

Panel of 5 Discussion: What's Next?
Moderator: James Edmunds
Panelists: Marcus Brown, Cathi Pavy, Geoff Daily, Cynthia Simien, Hector LaSala

Marcus Brown
actor in TV/films (Drop Dead Diva, Heashot, Common Law...)
owner of Believe Entertainment
former academic chair & doctoral fellow in Performance & Communication Studies
creator of Lafayette Entertainment Initiative
LA native

Cynthia Simien
moved to Lafayette 1991
fashion, apparel mkt & merch ind - NC, GA, NYC
artist agent & mgr - Grammy award winning - Terrance Simien of Terrance Simien & The Zydeco Experience
helped develop: Creole for Kidz & The History of Zydeco - education outreach program
Music Matters non-profit 2001
involved w/the Grammy folks & was on the LA Music Commission after Katrina - 2004 to 2009
credited w/establishing the voting category for the 50th yr of Grammy Awards of Zydeco & Cajun Music
(note: which I think Chubby Carrier won & he played during the Int'l Fest in Lafayette this year & I heard him, tho not a lot of other Zydeco to compare, but am thinking it was well deserved - could feel a lot of positive energy & fun from his music/performance/ you do from a lot of Cajun music in general I guess?!)

Geoff Daily
webpage was not available on the QR link to CES webpage for the Panelists - so may have to wait to try another time, or it may just be a broken link there for his background info...

went back & voila--there is was...he is the Exec Dir of FiberCorps - community non-profit in Lafayette to drive innovation around the utility of full fiber networks
background in tech journalism for publications
past 5 yrs in DC as blogger, gorilla lobbyist, internet entrepreneur
moved to Laffyette last yr to tackle the challenges assoc w/ transforming a community into a Living Lab for networked innovation that leverages the adv capabilities of our full fiber network

James Edmunds
grad USL (love that he put that, instead of UL - as it's what it was called when he graduated & me too?!)
co-founder The Times of Acadiana & The Performing Arts Society of Acadiana or just PASA now
freelance internet development
photography exhibits

Hector LaSala
teacher UL School of Architecture & Design for over 30 yrs
receiving Excellence in Teaching Award & Distinguished Prof Award
Serv Learning w/ colleagues - Humanitarian Serv Award
2004 Governor's Arts Award for Outstanding Contribution to Arts Education

Cathi Pavy
founding partner/creative dir BBR Creative - Lafayette
winning many an ADDY Award from AAF
board member AcA for 4 yrs, also Habitat for Humanity board member
married to artist Francis Pavy

(note: I did wonder about her last name...I've also heard the BBR stands for Blonde, Brunette, Redhead - which I've also not heard straight from the horses mouths so I won't swear by it, but one day I'll meet one of them face-to-face to perhaps find out...if not at the next AAF Lunch 'n Learn then maybe when the ADDY Awards are given out - which I volunteered to help out w/but we'll see what little/a lot I get to do in the end...such is the sad or perhaps happy lot of volunteers...Oh to have continued into Advertising when I was at USL back when, now UL - after a small stint at ULL, it's getting pretty ridiculous changing the Uni's name like that & their mascot I'm on an aside, so nevermind...)

Q&A + Action Items*
(*note: sadly there was little time for this last item, hopefully next summit)

CES Planning Committee:
Ed Bowie, Barbara Conner, Sally Donion, Hector LaSala, David Maynor, Emee Morgan, Walter Pierce, Kathy Richard, Amy Waquespack, Robert J. Wilson

Special Thanks (& perhaps Sponsors): Acadiana CARES, Accidental Chef, Bibi's Patisserie, Carpe Diem Gelato & Espresso, Cedar Grocery, David Maynor, Sophi P. Cakes, Tipitina's Foundation, Tsunami, Wilson Watts Planning & Design

The LITE Center
537 Cajundome Blvd
Lafayette, LA

Link to read more about the panelists:

Twitter: @CESLafayette
Hashtag: #CreativeLafayette

Contact: Colin Miller

Partners: Forum for Equality, Acadiana Open Channel, League of Women Voters of Lafayette

Note: AOC is to have aired the summit & on the CES webpage there are to be videos of the talks, or in part...

photo credit - The Ind - do not find a name, other than the person who wrote the article...
but in the photo: Phanat Xanamane, Emee Morgan, ?? , Colin Miller
(note: don't find a description well enough to decide exactly who the lady is in the photo, except to guess she may be the past president of the League of Women Voters - Sally Donlon...)

Link to article in The Ind - Is Lafayette Really a Cool Town? by Erin Z Bass...

Link to articles in The Advertiser...

Link to article in The News (that I've never heard of until now) - Art as industry...

Link to Vimeo - Wilson Watts - Voting Smart: Creative Economy Summit...

"On this episode of "Voting Smart", Barbara Conner welcomes guest Robert J. Wilson for a conversation on the upcoming Creative Economy Summit and how the Creative Economy can propel Lafayette forward."

All this for a $10 donation or $5 if you were a student - plus there was a reception afterwards in the Atrium...
(note: I had a Carpe Diem Coffee & a Sophi P. Cupcakes carrot cake cupcake--so much for the real food)

Address from Colin...

"Lafayette is home to a wonderfully unique concentration of cultural, educational & technological resources. Here, art is bueiness & the innate expressions of our culture are assets sought-after by our neighbors throughout the gulf region. The ingenuity of our entrepreneurs powers a thriving energy industry & millions of homes, businesses & automobiles. Lafayette exemplifies the collision of folklife & finance like no other.

Driven by the flight of the creative class from Louisiana, the Creative Economy Series is designed to explore how we can strengthen the foundations of our creative capital & expand opportunities for our brightest minds to build lives & livelihoods right here at home in Lafayette.

Tonight's Summit will focus on the three components of a thriving creative economy: Creativity, Diversity & Innovation. This is the beginning of a conversation we hope will grow to include a wide array of partners & perspectives.

Welcome to the table. We look forward to building a better Lafayette with you."

Colin Miller
CES Committee Chair

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