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W Hotels NOLA Reveal Party 9-27-12


@WHotels (worldwide)
@WHotelsNOLA (french quarter)



@sobou #wrhythm

@Quadron CoCo #wmusic






fire and water #shadowpuddle #shadowwall #wmusic


up the stairs sit stay view

#tarot Tarot Room up more stairs

@WHotelsNOLA French Quarter CityScape/RevealParty view

MartiniBar in the #JazzRoom



#JazzRoom @WHotelsNOLA of course there's a bowtie pillow on the bed



Lobby #Gold en


#Tarot Room



#TarotRoom turntable dock station below flatscreen
(in every room & mp3 player radio by bedside)


#TarotRoom ShadowBox (later the ShadowDancers will arrive...
they dance inside the ShadowBox in fringe & feathers with changing lights)

#TarotRoom bathroom mirror Jupiter is aligned



2nd level bar CityScape/Reveal Party
out the #TarotRoom window



Hall to #TarotRoom my fav wall paper
follow the yellow (carpet) line

a shadow dance
a cat



Tesla liked No. 3 & so do I
3rd floor room 13
on the way from the #TarotRoom (or are they all on the 3rd floor...
hmmm...must go stay & see...)

You know it's a Boutique Hotel when...
(well even before this) room numbers have faces



cottages by the pool, separate from the JazzRooms or the TarotRooms
they have chandeliers over the spa, in each downstairs cottage room



Interactive Jazz image on another shadow (liquid) wall
you move/it moves - there's a shadow pool ripple...



Live Painting event in progress at @WHotelsNOLA reveal party
#wrhythm 2 painters painting live 


across from one shadow wall
another of a different sort
voyeaurism at it's best

Shoepick - it's a fish - an ugly Ugly fish
but it makes Cajun Caviar
so suddenly it's - if not beautiful - worthy of praise

Louisiana Caviar
who knew
(I could eat it, was not salty, did not pop, also did not spit it out...
still you can tell it's from a fish - lovely sliver of biscuit under it)


#magicbrew Sazerak in a bowl add nitrogen whisk

Sazerak on Nitrogen
so the NitrogenDrinkRoom
next door to So Bou



Poolside @WHotelsNOLA French Quarter
Before CoCo

Yes tomorrow (or is it today already)
is the Harvest Full Moon
what timing...or did someone plan this all - clever

#Quadron CoCo - Danish beauty

CoCo above the pool on stage
peeking thru the wrought iron
Danish is not someone from Amsterdarm
in case you were guessing
it is someone from Denmark
(I lived in Norway--I am still confused...
so what's Scandinavia? Denmark/Norway/Sweden...)



So Bou is a Design wonder
they are catering @WHotelsNOLA Reveal Party
Fab-u-lous hardly touches a good enough description...



more CoCo...
also Fab-u-lous - and - beau-ti-ful
Find her band Quadron here...

LivePainting duo touch-up at end

candle light stars/lanterns in the courtyard trees



#shadowpuddle #shadowwall no 2
over the elevator wall
those are 'not' real shutters
nor are those real people in the windows
each window opens & there is a story going on
we think one of these guys is two-timing up there
then the stars fall & you know it's fantasy for sure
(I mean if you've drank a bunch of those 'Quarter' gin 'n fruit cocktail drinks on offer & then just happen to look up after you leave the bar outside in the courtyard you may think it's all for real...)

#ShadowPuddle shadow wall
instagram/tweet @whotelsnola with hashtag & it shows up here
at the reveal party on the bricks/brick wall with your instagram/twitter photo
lookie look who's up there now...yes SharoninaVolvo (figured it out by night's end?!)


Love/am mesmerized by these little bottles, the bottles on the shelves & the bottle light wall...
an art installation of mirrors/lights/glass bottles - I could get lost in them...

Chere - my Fab friend - green media wrist band - her third eye/camera -
she loves the bottle mirror lights as well...

So Bou is so beautiful
I don't know which is more--the restaurant or the food
(if the catering tastes like this how must the dinners be?!)
Why the name you ask?
So Bou = South of Bourbon (as in go south of Bourbon Street to find them on Rue Chartres)

the beer tables
you get a card
you get a glass
you start the taps
it keeps track
it's like the wine dispensers/cards at Pour in Lafayette only it's beer


I adored the lights in this section, over the beer tap tables...
Everywhere you look, as in the WHotelsNOLA French Quarter
there is something interesting to be captivated by...
W New Orleans - French Quarter
And what did we take home besides all this?
an action FlipBook...
Oh my--how to share that? nevermind...
Reveal the Rhythm:
Dancing Queen
This Party Rocks
those were our 2 signs - we continued the duo-ness of the evening...
duo of Quadron, duo of 2 livepainters, duo of Jazz room & Tarot room...
My Tarot room reading by the way--turned over the Princess Card and a Money Card...
Well, I thought...duh--I'm here at this party?! Nothing like putting on the Ritz or the W...
Living Large in NOLA comes to an end (not really, it went up from here next night at the Audubon Cottages--a full moon fantasy was truly harvested in the hotels alone...but that's it for this post?!)
 Media Release - New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau...

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