Sunday, September 16, 2012

While I wasn't Blogging...

While I wasn't Blogging...

I was driving, far Far away
I was listening to Audio Books like Why Do I Love These People & Hacking Work
I ate my secret stash of alphabet chocolates, letter by lushious letter
I was taking cell phone photos more than point 'n shoot ones
I was at the beach (aka heaven on earth)
I squeaked my bare feet thru sugar white sand out to clear water - cannot describe that blue/green/clear/aqua color well enough
I heard waves & gulls & saw sandpipers running at the shore
I asked why are there orange rose petals & lots of foot prints at this one spot on the beach
I reconnected with sea oats, lots & Lots of sea oats
I found the National blaming Hurricane Issac entirely
I was at a redeployment homecoming
I tied up a big bunch of red/white/blue, yellow, pink ribbons (pink because there are girls involved who happen to like the color pink--it was easier than finding purple)
I was chasing 'fairies' (the size of G-Baby Girls)
I was inventing new games--like stomp on the stars (OK, not real stars--but if you're 2 yrs old they are?!)
I listened/read a fabulous book about a cute princess cockroach (translated from Spanish)
I found my youngest son has bought the new Christine-mobile (that thankfully is 'not' running yet--nor are any of in away 'from' it?!)
I was shopping, found a Record Shop (Yes, with records & lots & Lots of 'other' stuff - speakers in a vintage suitcase, Yeeesss...Steam Punk sleeping mask--Brick will love this...Tycho on CD, Yes Please--forget those Audio Books, I have 'real' music now...I think I <3 this shop--I must step away & get into the car again...)
I was (rental) bike riding (to the beach)
I was sleeping in many strange beds
I found a new coffee truck & a coffee shop & a beautiful barista-ette & another coffee shop (this last one actually in a hotel, but there were no rooms--that was unfair)
I took a photo of an Eiffel Tower American style
I ate an Hibiscus Breakfast & a Mellow Pizza Salad & at an airstream food truck in a long row where I ate a Beach Dog
I did not want to go home--am I too old to be a Beach Bum I asked myself...sigh...

way down south in the land of...dixie flags

 Navarre beach, FL sunset


Orange rose petals, lots of foot prints...
wedding ghost trail


unsafe night driving while cell phone photo taking practices to avoid
there is the biggest full moon out there in that darkness above the road somewheres
I swear--see that bright ball like shape above the oncoming car headlights??!!


Mellow Mushroom Pizza - had a salad, after road snacks you need some greens

Deb's Coffee Drive-Thru...but dude waited on me
taking tips for medical school student daughter
he'll be doing this a long/Long time
(had to turn around & find this coffee truck as the coffee shop Higher Ground is no longer in business but my GPS nor Google Maps know this yet?!)


Homecoming when there are girls involved


gift from Romania..Dracula keepsake wooden box - Transylvania (for girls??)

I'm 'OK' - I have secret stash of alpha-bar is dwindling
but I'm Ok, I have chocolate...


the latest (to be) Christine-mobile (remember Steven King's book--then the movie)
when it's actually running...I will 'not' get near it, especially in the front of that grill (monster)
and Yes I know the original was so said a Plymouth Fury--this will be the newest/latest reincarnation (& I don't use that word loosely...)

Cumberland Coffee Roasters
Beautiful Barista-ette (her name is Crystal & she has the teeny tinest little green face studs, they're really precious & I don't like face piercings so that's saying something--how did they make them cute?!)



Yes there is a Viking Smoothie


Yes I can use my KeepCup - fruity style


my beloved Eiffel Tower - Americanized
at the Bordeaux Center (No, we are 'not' in France)


guess where I am
but you will never guess what's under it
a clawfoot black bathtub
Hibiscus B&B delights





breakfast at Hibiscus Cafe - the Hibiscus breakfast (duh)
gator kitsch--I mean collectable
old coffee bin/coffee machine
metal antique tables that remind me of Norway/Scandinavian design
handmade coffee table, it's all I can do not to go run off & pack it in my car trunk






Grayton Beach
(beach = heaven on earth)
lots & Lots of sea oats


beach bike rental to ??
you guessed it--ride to the beach
Grayton beach
w/red wire basket & a lock
$15 a day (disc for staying at the Hibiscus B&B)

beach bike rental (taxi?) link:


Central Square Records
Seagrove beach, FL
Spock in the dog world
alternate universe


superheroes march to a different (colored) beat


co-owner (maybe) or could be just very helpful music loving employee
with vintage suitcase boomboxes/speakers
fabric can be changed
other choices following
also other sized suitcases as well


the craftsman business card
Sonic Suitcase by Dr. Music (of course)

"will build speakers for food"

(Louisiana - he will build a Fleur de lis & also LSU suitcase speaker I see from his webpage photos, so am guessing you could ask nicely for him to make further Cajun-ness like UL or Mardi Gras...only restriction he has is probably finding an old suitcase & some fabric - how easy, but not cheap, can that all be?!)


local party people need to find out about these
order a truckload
can be plugged in or battery operated
plays from iphone/mp3



 this is where you go - tell 'em SharoninaVolvo sent you
(remind them she bought lots of stuff, including the last Tycho & They Might Be Giants CD's - plus was 'real' interested in those vintage suitcase boomboxes?!)

just as good SunDog Books is downstairs - books & music, you cannot go wrong...
then add to that fun a row of airstream food trucks with coffee shop/real barista across the street
and white sand beaches nearby - Life is Good...
(have I said how much I <3 the Beach lately too...if not then Yeah--I so flipping do?!)



grass fed beef hot dogs at Wild Bill's
aka Beach Dogs
had one--yum



Amavida Coffee
Seagrove Beach
or Rosemary Beach


Eco cup

little poser beach house - Seagrove beach
why I didn't go behind this to 'the' beach? no time!
(too many beaches/too little time...)




Navarre beach
ahhh...again--heaven on earth...
and you can never ever take enough beach/water/sand/surf/sea oats shots

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