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Summertime Fun Acadiana

Summertime Fun Acadiana

no matter how hot or rainy it is or old you are

Children's Museum
of Acadiana
Learning By Doing

Downtown Lafayette can shop at a stocked grocery store, you can serve at a cafe, you can sit in the seat of an ambulance, you can be a vet, you can be a dentist, you can be a doctor/nurse, you can run a TV studio, you can be in a puppet show, you can make giant bubbles, you can create an awesome Mr/Mrs/Mixed up PotatoHead...or if you're a Wee one there's Wee Acres just for you...

and I'm here to tell you that parents-Mom's/Dad's/Mooma's (aka G-ma's) can pretend right along with the kids - WooHoo?!

On top of all this fun you can be Green & Community minded & Participate in the TerraCycle Brigade Program...

a Fab Recycle Program that's not your average paper/plastic/glass kind of deal either...

link to Terra Cycle - where you can "outsmart waste"...

link to about the Terra Cycle - Brigades Program...

"TerraCycle offers national programs (Brigades®) to collect previously non-recyclable or hard to recycle waste. While some programs have a cost, most of our Brigades offer free shipping as well as a donation for each piece of garbage that you collect. Sign up to collect one or more of the waste streams listed, or find out more about how the Brigade programs work."

The Children's Museum of Acadian Participates in the Terra Cycle Brigade Program...
And if you have Questions or Need more Information then you can Contact CMA
Queen of Green - Samantha Simmons

or call her at 337-232-8500

Collection Items List for CMA

"TerraCycle is a company that offers national programs (Brigades®) to collect previously non-recyclable or hard to recycle waste, and then converts it into cool new eco-friendly products.  This collection program provides an opportunity to raise funds for non-profits like the CMA and, most importantly, saves tons of garbage from ending up in landfills across the globe.  To join the CMA in participating in this program, please contact the items from the following list and deliver to the front lobby during business hours."

Bear Naked Packaging
Candy Wrappers
Used/Broken Cell Phones
Cheese Packaging
Cleaner Packaging
Colgate Oral Care
Dairy Tubs & Containers
Digital Cameras
Drink Pouches
Used/Broken GPS
GoGo Squeez Packaging
Graphing Calculator
Huggies Packaging
Ink & Toner Cartridges
Kashi Brand Packaging
Keyboard & Mouse
Used/Broken Laptops
Lunch Kit Packaging
Mp3 Players
Neosporin Tubes
Personal Care & Beauty Packaging
Scotch Tape Dispensers
Scott Brand Packaging
Sprout Brand Baby Foods
Solo Cups
Tortilla & Tostada Bags

"This is Not Your Average Recycling Program! - Thanks for Lending a Hand"

Not on the CMA list, but on my own I see I could be doing this...

Cork Brigade®

Recycle your waste with Nomacorc®

TerraCycle® is saving millions of corks from going into landfills by recruiting wine enthusiasts, restaurants, bars, tasting rooms, and wineries. As an eco-friendly innovator, TerraCycle upcycles natural and synthetic corks into cool products that are available nationally at major retailers.
Participating in a TerraCycle Brigade is totally free! There are no signup or participation fees, and the shipping is covered by the program. Once you have joined the Cork Brigade®, simply follow the steps below:
  1. Collect enough approved corks to fill up a box or bag (approved waste is listed below). Don’t be afraid to reuse a shipping box or bag and use eco-friendly padding!
  2. Download a pre-paid shipping label from To acquire a pre-paid label, simply access your TerraCycle account online, and click “SHIP US YOUR WASTE”. You can print them out yourself or request that TerraCycle send the label.
  3. Ship the box to TerraCycle by affixing the pre-paid postage label and dropping it off at a UPS location.
There is no TerraCycle point contribution associated with shipments received through this Brigade.
For more detailed information please check out the Cork Brigade FAQ.
Cork Brigade accepted waste: natural wine cork, synthetic wine cork, cork stops.

Link to Terra Cycle - Cork Brigade®...

Note: I will be contacting the Queen of Green to find out if anyone is collecting for the Cork Brigade--just think about how many bottles of wine are opened in Lafayette, LA at not just restaurants but in folks homes...if they just knew were to send them/drop them off/have them picked up even we could be upcycling who knows how many corks for who knows how many cork boards (or suggest other uses for them to be crafted into after upcycling...hmmm...)

photo credit: Terra Cycle Cork Brigade®

Product Details

"This corkboard made from wine corks is the perfect place to pin a shopping list, a photo, or a hook for your keys. Uniquely assembled from 100% natural, biodegradable, and renewable materials, this solidly constructed corkboard will provide a valuable place to keep your hectic life pinned together for many years to come.  Dimensions: 16" T x 16" W

Over 15 billion wine corks are used worldwide every year. Stacked end to end, that is enough to circle the earth almost 20 times! As an eco-friendly innovator, TerraCycle® partners with wine enthusiasts, restaurants, bars, tasting rooms and wineries to keep corks out of the waste stream and converts them into environmentally responsible products. Help us help the earth by reusing this precious natural resource."

Link to Terra Cycle Facebook...

Link to Terra Cycle Twitter...

Link to Terra Cycle YouTube...


Jump Zone
Ambassador Caffery Pkwy

We went to Mom & Me Monday - with really Mom & Me & Mooma (aka G-Ma at our house) - plus there were really Me & Me as there was Sister & Sister that went...both under 6 years old - but it seems that on this day Mom & Me/Me & Mooma could 'all' get on all the Bouncey/Jumps...
But really we hung out mostly in the "Little Jumper Zone" & had more than enough fun?!

photo credit: me--cutest G-Baby
South of the Mississippi
Link to Open Play Schedule & a Calendar...

Link to Jump Zone...

Note: my fantasy adult birthday party still involves either a big jumper castle for just adults to jump in all afternoon or a swimming pool filled with plastic colorful balls like the kids get to play in at some burger joints I won't name...

Can you just picture it...a pool/maybe a swimming pool--full of these?!

Are you ready to Jump/ considering all the 'jump' songs there are too to go along with this fantasy party--lol?!


Zoo of Acadiana
Evangeline Thruway

where you can even go walk thru the jungle
in the rain, during thunder/lightning
tho you tend to miss a lot what with ducking under covered bridges
or snack areas
or like running for the hills (or your lives)
And you don't go to the playground
or the petting zoo kind of thing
but can still spend time in the shop looking for the perfect stuffed animal you just saw
it was fun I have to admit to watch gators blink in the rain
or the leapard shake like a housecat with his furcoat full of rain water

photo credit: from Facebook page
(I always want to catch peacocks spreading their spectacular tail feathers like this, but rarely do - so I have to enjoy other's photos of them...)

Note: there are white peacocks at the Zoo of Acadiana that I don't recall ever seeing before - of course tried to take their photos & would not wait (an eternity) to see 'if' they may spread their tail feathers (not with soaking wet G-Babies in tow, in a stroller or on foot splashing thru puddles in blinking little sneakers?!)

photo credit: again me & again the cutest - OK 1st cutest
& the previous 2nd cutest G-Baby, again South of the Mississippi

photo credit: Moi--but not with tail feathers spread, another time--white peacock, another time... we'll meet again...

Link to Zoo of Acadiana...

Link to Zoo of Acadiana Facebook page...
(if nothing else go for the cute animal photos that you may have missed while visiting - like Gabriel the Giraffe when she turned 7 years old)


Zoo of Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge, LA

Map of Baton Rouge Zoo...
we did it all...& the train too...we were melting, it didn't rain, we were sweat puddles by the end...
the girls liked to wash up in the Petting Zoo wash your hands/water fountain a lot, as well as sit in front of fans with mist makers or with a Slushee or Slurpee or Icee or whatever else folks call them now in their hands or water, lots & lots of plain water--anything to cool off?!

Our Top Fav (Second from Top--the River Otter's Pond...)

Zoo Webpage Photo

Link to Baton Rouge Zoo - Welcomes Baby Zebra...

photo credit: me--when visited with the G-Baby Girls...
Olympic/aka new baby Zebra is only One Day Old in this pic...Aww...
(Oh & it felt like Africa out there too, hot as I'm sure--only these two don't have to run for the closest watering hole, they're safe & sound at the Zoo...)


Zoo webpage photo
(how do they take such Fab photos?!)


photo credit: me trying to photo thru the glass, thru the water, trying to focus on moving fast river otter...sigh...I'll have to leave it to the professionals...


photo credit: me again, this time above water, zooming in to them playing on the bank of the manmade zoo river--still they look like they're having fun, but then it seems Otters/River or Pond are always looking like they're having fun (along with their cousins the Sea Otters as well...)


photo credit: me--it's the sign at the Otter Pond...
Otter to the Rescue
from The Atchafalaya Times
Sunday Edition
50 cents...

Otter to the Rescue
or a Good Indicator

Gator Says:
Did you know Otters help researchers evaluate the health of wetland habitats?

Otter Thinking:
OK Nurse send in The Wetlands!

Gator Says:
Not that way Silly!

Your presence helps show a river Wetland habitat is complete and healthy. You're what's called an Indicator Species!

Otter says:

Link to Baton Rouge Zoo...

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