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You know what they say? When the Wolves come out of the walls--it's all over?!

You know what they say?
When the Wolves come out of the walls--it's all over?!

How it happened that I got to help backstage...

Went to another production at Theater 810
Saw the Wolves in the Walls book by Neil Gaiman on the bookshelf
Heard about the play in the making of - that local screenwriter Cody Daigle wrote the adaption for
And that local graphic artist Rob Guillory was going to make the original art for the play's poster

Rob Guillory Graphic Artist orig art

Burt Durand Graphic Artist poster lettering

Off to Barnes & Noble to buy said book, read it once, read it again
Loved the story, the illustrations, tell the theater people/powers to be that I want to Help
I Volunteer--I don't know what for, but tell them just Call Me & I'll be there

photo credit: webpage

Found the local Kickstarter - became a Backer & made the 1st comment I think as well, was so excited - later when it got down to the wire & was worried following it over on Twitter that they weren't going to make it I became a Backer again--Whew...they made it, so there would be a play/puppets


Program - an Extra Special Thanks to the Kickstarter Backers...some were left anonymous (like me, for some reason--didn't remember doing that, but it's OK I'm over on the Production Credits page & so muich more fun actually doing it than seeing my name in print & really am feeling like I should be the one saying Thank you?!)
Here Started via Kickstarter - Funded June 14th - Goal $3,000 Pledged by 84 Backers $3,293
(note: I pledged twice so don't know how they figure that counting--no matter there will be a show?! SharoninaVolvo rides another Kickstarter to being Funded once again--YeeHah?!)

Link to Kickstarter - Wolves in the Walls by Acting Unlimited...

Link to Acting Unlimited Inc...

The text from Kickstarter...

An original theatrical adaptation based on Neil Gaiman's "The Wolves in the Walls" (c. 2003).

"Acting Unlimited (AUI) and Wanderlust Theatre Co. are teaming up with the UL-Lafayette Performing Arts Department to present an exciting addition to the Lafayette, Louisiana summer theatre calendar: WOLVES IN THE WALLS, a world premiere adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean’s award-winning children’s book “The Wolves in the Walls”.

Lucy is hearing strange noises in the walls – noises she believes to be wolves. No one believes her… except her puppet, Pig. Then one night, Lucy discovers that the wolves in the walls are real. And they’re coming out to play…

Adapted for the stage by local playwright Cody Daigle, WOLVES IN THE WALLS will feature a spectacular puppetry design by Brady McKellar and Elsa Dimitriadis, artistic directors of Wanderlust Theatre Co., incorporating a host of puppetry techniques. The show will be a visually rich and exciting theatrical event filled with puppetry, pandemonium and the dark fantasy world of Neil Gaiman.

“The show’s designed to be something local audiences have never seen,” said Daigle, the production’s playwright. “We want to dazzle audiences with puppetry and theatre magic they’ve never seen before, but we also want them to be emotionally swept away by the story. It’ll be a really unforgettable evening.”

The production will also receive support from the area’s vibrant visual arts community. Rob Guillory, local artist and an Eisner-award winning creator of the comic book series “Chew,” will supply the poster art for the production.

Gaiman and McKean’s “The Wolves in the Walls” was first published in 2003, and it won awards for the New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Book (2003), the IRA/CBC Children's Choice (2004) award and the British Science Fiction Association award for Short Fiction (2003). This production has the blessing of Gaiman and his team, and it will be the only time this version of the show will be performed anywhere.

Recreating the amazing world invented by Gaiman in WOLVES IN THE WALL is a scary and exhilarating prospect, and we need your help. Your donation will help to create the puppets and set for the show, and ensure that the show we create will be a unique and exciting one for Lafayette."

Working backstage or is it onstage/the set...

So I got a text, showed up & found a paintbrush in my hand for about 2 days I think it was - 1 of faux brick wall making & another of faux floors creating & really a quick part of 1 more with a faux painted wall using a feather duster & yellow paint

3 rolls of paint & masking tape & voila--a faux brick wall...
tricks of the stage manager--that I shall not divulge here

it's just plywood--what a great illusion...
again with 2 brushes of paint & a dry brush, plus some floor mop
and another voila--a faux old wood floor for the bedroom

(note: somewheres there's a photo of me with paintbrush in hand going back & forth--more than once across these plywood boards...proof that I was working on a real set--never have before & what fun to see it become something & then to see the play acted out on it all is even more satisfying--until you have to take it all apart again, don't know how they stand that part after all those days of work?!)

eggshell yellow wall done with yellow paints & a feather duster
all those textured paint tricks never tried in any of my many homes, but I've seen it done on TV & in magazines

then that white window trim easy enough, it's just white paint (later will add the cotton cut out lace curtain valance from the inside on a rod--because I thought a girl's bedroom had to have 'girlie curtains' right?!)

Program - Cast & Production Credits...


Eee...there I am, first time ever on a program (I think) under Set Construction & Set Decoration -
I love it/loved it/what fun...they were so nice to include me, was only volunteering to help & then I learned something & had fun doing it & got to "play" decorator & then have my name on a play program (& here below - see photo - Cody Daigle was excited to see his name on a T-shirt, that will Never Ever Happen for me but am still excited for him - it's the fun little things in life to enjoy, right?!)

Show T-shirts
we got first dibs on ordering sizes being on the crew/cast
but you could also buy one at the show, taking chances on sizes left
(note: sent one to my expat friend from Japan who saw the design on Facebook & wanted a T-shirt too, so just sent her one after the last shows & hope she'll send a photo of her in her T-shirt soon, for the record kind of thing...)

artcard of the orig poster art by Rob Guillory made into a magnet
to support/promote the play, but with the size of my car door coulda used the whole big poster
(but oh my the magnet sheets that would of used up?!)

devil in the details
so not just the faux painting going on backstage
(nevermind the puppet factory & costumes--I didn't take photos in that creation chamber)
but there's decorating to be done on stage

after the stage manager brought in the children's room white framed bed & nightstand/bookshelf with the little lamp & flowers - came the children's books, that I brought a bucket of them from home for the shelves ...including books about wolves - Peter & the Wolf for one & the Three Wolves & The Pig another - plus of course Wolves in the Walls soft & hardcover books too

but these 2 framed pieces/pages from a book were put up after going thru different frames & a different mat & taking apart a coffee table (sale) book about wolves, since keeping with the 'wolf' theme going on...

here on the left Little Red Riding Hood & her wolf from an old children's tale book & on the right a real wolf photo in the snow in a blue frame to go with the white furniture & blue flowers on lamp/in vase on the nightstand

in the living room there is a cabinet with nothing on it, but a stack of Rob Guillory books
(that Marie borrowed from the Graphic Artist, so he has another touch-besides his poster art)
Now there was a fake plant in the vase that was on top of the cabinet
but it did not cover up the hole in the curtain
so brought in one of my fake plants from home that was bigger
then the shelves were empty, so off to Goodwill/Salvation Army
find an old yellow candle/glass holder, basket, another smaller frame
to add to another frame - both empty
so back to clipping in the wolf coffeetable book to find yellow field flowers for the small frame
and for the bigger frame--a perfect family photo, wolf people in clothes, possible Victorian age
but no matter, there is a Mom, a Dad & a Child (I know not 2 but it could be brother before sister right...)

My Oh My the backstory fun & the hidden 'wolfie' details abound?!

Oh to be a Set decorator too, for more than a day or two--I could maybe put up/out a handful of pieces & I would be whipped & challenged & my house/garage would be an even worse mess & then to have a timeframe to boot to work with & to have to put it up & then days/maybe a few weeks later then take it all down again (I have a feeling the fun would be gone only too fast?!)

Link to KATC - Good Morning Acadiana
Video with Walter talking about the production of Wolves in the Walls...

Barnes & Noble Bookstore
Reading & Shadow Puppet Making
Mouse & Rat Soldier

Link to Book Fair, Children's Event, Storytime...

"There are sneaking, creeping, crumpling noises coming from inside the walls. Lucy is sure there are wolves living in the walls of their house! Join us for a reading of the book and a shadow puppet workshop with Acting Unlimited/Wanderlust Theatre Co"

Link to The Times of Acadiana/The Advertiser article - Wolves in the Walls shows spirit for arts by Matthew Sigur...

Link to The Ind newspaper articles...

Kickstarter Campaigning Under Way for Wolves...

Puppets, People & 2 Plays in One Show by Dominick Cross...

Link to Troupe Slates Wolves drama article in the Advocate newspaper - Baton Rouge..

About Waderlust Theatre Company (that got their start in NOLA...) - Elsa & Brady brought all these puppets alive & with countless hours of building, cutting, sewing, making, deconstructing/ remaking, designing, sweating, loving, forgetting to eat, I just cannot imagine making such creations & taking a few photos & leaving them they belong to ActingUnlimited/Theater 810 & go off to storage after the 2 weekends of shows...

"...To create the wolves and the other puppets, Diaz brought in Wanderlust Theatre Company, which is a Gulf Coast based company that specializes in using nontraditional elements such as puppetry in its performances.
Wanderlust Cofounder Elsa Dimitriadis said the performance will feature puppets ranging from shadow puppetry in the Greek tradition, which uses painted puppets instead of silhouettes, to a Chinese kite-style of puppetry, which will involve a large bat that will move along a zip line.
The performance will also feature traditional hand and rod puppets and body puppets, which will have large “platformed” feet, extended hands and headdresses.
All the puppets will be built in Burke-Hawthorne Hall by Wanderlust crew members and volunteers.
“Were trying to implement as many styles as possible into the show,” Dimitriadis said.
Dimitriadis and Wanderlust cofounder Brady McKellar are both Gaiman fans. McKellar is a “comic book geek” who has read Gaiman’s comic books and Dimitriadis said she loved the author’s fiction.
“So we were completely psyched about it,” Dimitriadis said..."

Link to Wanderlust Theatre Company - aka Elsa & Brady (or to me 'the puppet people')...

Link to Acting Unlimited Facebook page to find more photos of Wolves in the Walls...
(note: 41 photos of Wolves in the Walls play in an album)


Link to YouTube of Howling Contest Entry - Howl for tickets to Wolves in the Walls...

Link to Neil Himself - about Wolves in the Walls project begun as a Kickstarter...

Link to KRVS Radio - event listing - Wolves in the Walls/The Book of D - Collaboration of Wanderlust Theatre/ Acting Unlimited (aka Theater 810) & ULL Performing Arts...

KRVS Radio - Neil Gaiman's Wolves in the Walls at UL Lafayette - LISTEN...

"First segment--Classical" (30:05)

"Second segment--Interview with Brady McKellar and Elsa Dimitriades of Wanderlust Theatre about their puppetry in Cody Daigle's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's "Wolves in the Walls" that will open on Thursday July 26th in Burke Hall Theatre (and local events calendar)" (28:46)

Note:  pretty funny when Interview lady says Cody Daig instead of Cody Daigle - perhaps he does or doesn't think so too (Opps) - at least Brady repeats the correct name soon after...

Link to Acadiana Theater Blogspot...

Tuesday July 31, 2012 - Review (AUI/Wanderlust/ULLafayette)...

The Book of D - show before the Wolves in the Walls show...

"...Wolves in the Walls was paired with another show by Cody Daigle, The Book of D, which was performed first. It was a cute, quirky show designed to give more stage time to some of the actors who were helping with Wolves. The Book of D is essentially a tale of acceptance and friendship, but the story has an unfinished, rushed tone, more like a draft than a finished product. Problems like a family divorce are mentioned once and never again, and the friendship between the lead character D and her friend Blu was not long enough to establish that they were best friends. Still there are some promising thespians in the bunch, and they need shows like this to hone their skills."
The magic of the puppets in Wolves in the Walls...

"...When the audience focuses on the puppet and not its master, you’ve conjured a lovely bit of magic. When a young boy at the Wolves in the Walls performance reacted to seeing the wolves walk by menacingly with scary noise effects, he whispered loudly to his mother, “I heard it too!” I knew then the magic had worked." - Vincent P. Barras

Sunday July 22/ Tuesday 24, 2012 - Performance...

Support Line - Wolves in the Walls - Junk Yard Arts Blog (for Kickstarter project)...

(note: a new blog I didn't know about - along with rediscovering Acadiana Theater's Blog)


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