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Freetown Farmer's Market

Freetown Studios - home of Freetown Market
or at least every Wed & Sat...
(photo credit: Facebook album - logo for Farmer's Market at Freetown Studios)

Freetown Studios webpage link...

Was given 2 'lagnaippe' carrots with my zucchini/heirloom tomatoes (see pics below)
Should buy more--if I only had a bunny to eat all those green tops
(note: don't tell me I should eat the carrots tops, wouldn't know where to begin to cook 'em & also don't tell me to 'eat the flowers' either - had them once in a salad in either Colorado or Germany & it just felt wrong, perhaps I'm not 'animal' enough?!)

Baker had me at cranberry...

Organic eggs - Free Range Chickens

I so enjoyed my conversation with the couple at the table about...
"What's better the 'white' eggs or the 'brown' eggs?!"

Link to article about what Huffington Post thinks about this question...

Also bought organic chicken breasts & had them grilled...
(felt better just for knowing where they came from?!)

Bayou Farm webapge link...

Heirloom Tomatoes - so small but oh so tasty
Zucchini - made veggie sticks

(Note: had both when company came to the house & they were impressed, we eat so few veggies--that would of been enough right there am thinking...Oh look it's a vegetable! And what do you call this one?!)

Freetown Market Sign
(photo credit - Facebook page...until I can take my own photo, thanks?!)

Freetown Farmer's Market - Facebook page...

Regarding Days/Hours...

"New Extended Summer Hours! We will be opening an hour earlier on Saturday and an hour later on Wednesday!

Our new hours will be:

Saturday 9am to 2pm and Wednesday 2pm to 7pm.

Hope to see you there at our great new place!!"

Diana's Lost Recipes

I don't see it, but I know I bought the jar of Fig preserves...
now to find them in the fridge again, so I can have them on toast tomorrow for breakfast
(note: seeing Quail eggs in the jars--I do recall trying them once in Doha, Qatar at a party as an appetizer & I was surprised they were OK, could be 'cause they taste just like eggs?!)

Regarding the move & new location...

"Freetown Market Tomorrow! 10am to 2pm at the at our new location:

421 Convent Street, Lafayette, LA 70501
Freetown Studios

Two blocks down from the Blue Moon Saloon, just past Lamar st.

Lots of summer goodies on our new lot!"

Jim's Kountry Pies

Yes - of course - I tried a pie, but chickened out & went only so far as to buy apple (there are so many more flavors--but I do not need to eat pie, no day...)

Link to Local Harvest Org. listing for Freetown Farmer's Market...

(note: see flowers checked off & both times I went I didn't see any flowers, but did see some herbs...)

Eat Wild Louisiana link to their webpage - listing LA farms...

Brookshire Farms
Butterfield Farm
At Earth Friendly Farms
EquiTerra Farm
Gotreaux Family Farms
Hollywood Livestock
Iverstine Family Farms


More about Freetown Lafayette, LA...

About Freetown

"- Glenn Armentor's
"History of Freetown and The Good Hope Hall"

Where is Freetown?

The name 'Freetown' is not an official designation.
As such, there is no clearly defined boundary to the area.
The name though goes back over one hundred years.
Roughly, Freetown is the area of Lafayette bounded to the South by Jefferson Street, as far as Johnston Street. The Western boundary runs from Jefferson Street, along Johnston Street as far as Garfield Street. Garfield Street forms the Northern boundary of Freetown, along the railroad tracks, as far as Taft Street. The Eastern boundary runs along Taft Street, back to Jefferson Street. An illustration of this area can be found here."

Link to the "here" - an aerial map with an outline of the Freetown area - at the time also under the possibility of further development outlined...

(Note: Link to Google Map for Freetown - Port Rico area, see dashes on streets & didn't realize it went over the other side of the railroad tracks a few blocks, but here it does on the Google Map...,Freetown+-+Port+Rico,+Lafayette,+LA&gl=us&ei=fzP1T-DwNIWK8QSA1-HQBg&ved=0CAUQ8gEwAA )


More about Freetown Studios...

Article by Reggie Michael Rodrigue - of  Louisiana Aesthetic Blog...

Link to his Blog about the article...
Link to the article about Freetown Studios - As the Rooster Crows...

"Freetown Studios is Acadiana’s first and only non-profit multi-media arts center to open its doors in Freetown-Port Rico, the up-and-coming neighborhood adjacent to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette known for its roaming chickens. Near downtown Lafayette, the neighborhood is also home to many private artists’ studios, including the Francis Pavy studio and the Warehouse on Garfield studios, as well as the hybrid bed and breakfast/saloon/concert venue, the Blue Moon, which have all been part of the neighborhood for over a decade. The city government of Lafayette is planning to designate the neighborhood as an arts district in the near future with a new sculpture park possibly running along the train tracks that form one of its borders." - Reggie Michael Rodrigue


Other links about Freetown...

An unauthenticated History of Freetown & the Good Hope Hall - by Glenn Armentor...

The Freetown - Port Rico Neighborhood Plan - by Lafayette Consolidated Gov't/ City-Parish Planning Commission - LINC/Lafayette in a Century...

Link to LINC/Lafayette in a Century - Comprehensive Planning...

"8.0 External Links

Several members of the Board have expressed an interest in creating non-official web spaces which will be less structured than this official web page. We encourage you to visit these links for other facets of an experiment in participatory democracy as we change over time..."
  • Savefreetown Blog: a blog by community activists
  • June 21, 2006 The Indpendent: Initial reports of the Capstone development
  • Google Capstone and Lafayette in the News
  • A History of the Neighborhood and Good Hope Hall by the Glenn Armentor Law Firm
  • Le Festival de Ville de Libre (Freetown Festival) in Lafayette Advertiser
(Note: all links were broken on this list - except for Save Freetown Blog & that I've already added a link to above...)

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