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The Dream Already Is

"It already is"
(as in The Dream Already Is)

Guatemala to Earth
Earth Bracelets

Bracelets of the Earth/Story of the Earth...

1) Terra.........................Earth
2) Sol............................Sun
3) Estrellas....................Stars
4) Aqua.........................Water
5) Arboles y Plantas.....Trees & Plants
6) Animales..................Animals
7) Ninos/Ninas.............Boys/Girls
     (Children - People - Humans)
8) Conexion..................Connection

Link to the Story on Wakami World Blog...

(note: yes, in Spanish, but above is what I would translate to in English)


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You Tube Videos...

Link to Wakami World You Tube Video...

"We met up with Maria Pacheco at the Vital Voices Awards at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, and asked her to let us know a little more about www.wakami.net." March 17, 2010

Link to Wakami Connection You Tube Video...
(no description - but it's Maria Pacheco speaking again - March 18, 2010)

Link to Productos Wakami You Tube Video...
Yes, in Spanish - but see the Journey Companions on the table, so gosh darn cute - "grande y pequeño" / big & small - & so are these precious sweet lovely shy girls/ladies who are making them & talking about them...

"Este video presenta la producción de uno de nuestros productos estrella: los journey companions. Esta producción esta ubicada en San Francisco El Alto, Totonicapan.

Si deseas adquirir estos productos ingresa a http://www.wakami.net" December 21, 2011


"This video shows the production of one of our star products: the journey companions. This production is located in San Francisco El Alto, Totonicapan. (Guatemala)
If you wish to purchase these products enter http://www.wakami.net"

(note: sadly the link to the "Journey Companions" on their Wakami World Blog is broken & I don't see one at all on their Wakami Net - but I'll keep looking?!)

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Aztec Mayan Creation Myth
Popul Vuh - Book of People

References: Wikipedia...

Mayan Mythology...
(note: includes creation myth of creation/end of world & mankind - includes link to Popol Vuh)

Popol Vuh - Book of People...
(note: I like in Part 3 the line about later woman was created while the 4 men slept?!)

Creation myth...

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My Earth Bracelets - 8 strands

(note: bought mine in NC at shop in downtown Asheville, w/no booklet, but I just knew they were special & for sure handmade with loving care & surely they had a story behind them too - hadn't a clue where to find out who made them, until one day a lady at a Hair Salon here in Lafayette, LA clued me in to the brass button that has "Wakami" on it & finally I went to look that up online - am so happy to find out they're helping crafty ladies be more independent in Guatemala - which is already a place that has my fav coffee now this to add to that I Love It List too?!)
Wakami Links...

Wakami USA...

Wakami USA - Catalog...

Wakami Net Link...


"Wakami is a brand developed by Kiej de los Bosques, a social enterprise that markets products from rural communities in Guatemala.
We started working with a single rural community 15 years ago, and now collaborate with over 40 groups. During this time we have learned a lot about community development, social entrepreneurship, productive processes based on quality and demand, and the improvement of livelihoods through income generation and market access. We have also learned a lot about about ourselves!
At Kiej, we dream of an ideal world - one where everyone lives in harmony, where diversity is celebrated, and where rights and responsibilities are treasured. These aspirations encourage us to find solutions in which prosperity and well-being are common to everyone.
Wakami products are the result of collaboration between our designer´s team and several artisan groups with the shared dream of connecting the world to the Guatemala experience. Wakami links people through products that enrich the lives of those who buy them and change the lives of those who produce them.
Thanks to many wonderful women from rural communities our products are infused with centuries of Guatemalan cultural heritage, and their production is bringing prosperity to previously extreme poverty-stricken communities: Our Wakami dream is starting to become a reality!"

Earth Bracelet Link...

Wakami Facebook page...

Wakami Twitter...

Wakami Blog...

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My 8 strand Earth Bracelet - just wish I knew which one was which, but at least I know I have all 8...
Earth, Sun, Stars, Water, Trees/Plants, Animals, People & Love :oD
Wakami World Blog
Our Products:

Journey Companions...

11 mythical animals:
Link Between Souls, Fertility of Earth, Force of the Depth, Spirit of the Night, Stream of Energy, Back to the Source, Mirror of the Inside, Guardian of the Forest, Unlimited Curiosity, Love Spreader, Travelor of the Sky & Link Between Souls

Note: Link to Artisan Emporia - listed on webpage is not a good link...
So cannot find an online shop to find these Journey Companions for sale,
but if I ever do visit Guatemala or a Wakami Village then I know I could?!

Link to Post about Journey Companions on Wakami World Blog from 4/26/2010
Title: "Remembering The World Where We Come From"

note: shows precious photos of the Journey Companions
11 mythical animals...

My top 3 fav's are...

Unlimited Curiosity

Love Spreader

Sky Travelor

Link to Post to see all Journey Companions...

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My Earth Bracelet - closer view of 2 of the 8 bracelets

See the "Wakami" button on the left, that I didn't notice before, or think to look up until that lady in the Hair Salon told me to - because she recognized what they were & told me they had a story & that each bracelet had a meaning, she just couldn't remember right then - so I knew then what to go look up to find out who made them & what their story was...even better made by crafty ladies in Guatemala?!

And the only bracelet I can guess on for sure is the "Sun" as it has a sunshine on the brass circle...
one day I'll figure out the rest maybe...

Links (3) for finding bracelets for sale in online USA shops - unless you're lucky enough like me to stumble into an Earth Friendly type shop with them for sale actually in the shop - Happy Hunting Y'all...


From Charity USA...
Link: http://www.charityusa.com/
Greater Good Wholesale (Fair Trade Store)
Global Girlfriend Wholesale Link:

Search: Wakami


Note: 4 bracelets show up for sale from Wakami
Essential Strand, Multi Strand, Simplicity Strand & Start Small, Dream Big, Change Lives Bracelet Set

Start Small, Dream Big, Change Lives Bracelet Set Description:

"Start small, dream big, change lives ~ that’s the way Global Girlfriend founder Stacey Edgar harnessed the power of fair trade to help women in poverty help themselves. These hand woven bracelets are made by a group of women working for Wakami in Nuevo Montecristo, Guatemala. The group calls themselves Nuevo Amaecer, which means “new awakening” and the women believe each new order of the bracelets brings a new awakening or new beginning. Group leader Blanca De La Rosa explains with these orders “we can dream bigger for ourselves, our families, and our community.” These bracelets make a perfect gesture of friendship or a reminder to yourself to dream big and follow through! Set of 5."


Link to Global Marketplace:
NMWA - National Museum of Women in the Arts - Earth Bracelets...

Product Description:

"This Wakami seven-strand set of bracelets tells the story of how, according to Guatemalan folklore, the Earth evolved. Different elements are each represented by a different strand, woven in Guatemala with ancestral artisanal techniques. This connection story is told in a beautiful booklet, that will welcome you to a new imaginary in which your purchase will transform the life of a Guatemalan rural women."


Social Entrepreneurship - Roozt - Brand: Wakami...

Roozt - Wakami - Earth Bracelet...

From Roozt--what they say About Wakami...

"Wakami is a social brand that designs accessories inspired by ancestral culture and ancient weaving techniques from Central America. Our brand represents a rustic urban lifestyle that connects people with people, the earth, and the joys in life.

We work with artisans in disconnected rural communities (of which 80% are women) and connect them with urban markets around the world. Waka mi products are what we call messengers of connection between the people that make them and the people that buy them—enriching the lives of those who wear them and changing the lives of those who produce them. Through our program artisans are able to empower themselves and become leaders of change in their communities.

Design Create Enjoy- Be Your Dream

Social Vision
People + Dreams + Creativity + Passion= Change"

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