Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tetes in l'air Stiltwalkers - Int'l Fest

YouTube - thank you 'typeface'
(note: I did try to video them while in La Promenade, but too quickly they were around the corner)

Link of the Stiltwalkers on official webpage Int'l Fest - write up, their photo, link to their webpage...

Tetes en l'air Stiltwalkers
(France - Stiltwalkers)

Three timeless creatures are strolling about in the streets.  The first one, standing up, is more than three meters high and is scanning the horizon of this weird world. The second one, smaller, is moving on all fours and exchange knowing glances.  The third one is moving about on the ground and meets the people with its delicate fingers.  One line, moving peacefully at a walk, they discover the cars, the shops, the people.  Gradually, these threee characters reveal their own small world; pinching, caresses, hide and seek games... ambulatory show wordless and without music.

link to Festival Internationl line-up info for Festival Goers - Lineup - Tetes en l'air Stiltwalkers...

link to webpage for Tetes en l'air Stiltwalkers...


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