Sunday, May 5, 2013

In search of a black Smith Corona

In search of a black Smith Corona

on a Play's Prop list of course
which leads to days in antique shops & a flea market
along the way other objects of interest reveal themselves
in amongst the blurry old stuff

antique shop one

coffee by light
at the top bowl covered by a cloth a wire that looks from a light bulb


Underwood typewriter in poor sad repair, does not work
has been gathering dust actually since the last/Last time
I went out to hunt & gather props
(this time tho I ask what's the price--Oh they go for $25)
antique shop two
a beaut (as in a beauty)
this Sterling Smith Corona
black & in a case with a ribbon that works
is priced at something I ask about
(are Antique shops as Souks or the Flea Market
is it 'all' negotiable? Well, I'm the worst at this but I do ask...)
telling them it's for the theater
& they are kindly willing to bring it down a bit closer to a lower end
(but is it closer to the No Budget, hmm...)
It's on the List--now it's on My List of the Best One
lovely Sunday Drive kinda Day
onward to antique shop three
(after a totally useless side trip to the Jockey Lot Flea Market)
yes a Smith Corona
but guess what--it's not black & it costs more than the first Sterling one found
so not on my list for possible play props
(btw there are a bunch of typewriters in this antique shop)
also hatchets
weapons, like hatchets, are on the list
these 2 have short handles
1 is just under $20 & the other just over
(until I find out if they need long or short handles
they are not on the list - but I have a photo to text anyways...)
a classic Brunswick record player - different from the Victrolas on the other side of the room
(no not on the list, I just think it so reminds me of Steampunk I can't ignore it?!)
I'd love to buy it, if it were cheap, to take it apart for the front speaker/frame & the needle arm alone
there will be a Steampunk & Maker's Faire coming up this October in Lafayette & would love to make something with these...
link to Facebook - Steampunk Festival...
link to Brunswick Records...
(note: there was a record label, had no idea...after they made phonographs & such before that--records were an afterthought...a well turned out thought I'm guessing considering how well records did & still are--only I guess they get called Vinyl now...)
link to more about Victrola phonographs or Victor Victrola or Victor Talking Machine Company...
(this would of been stiff competition for a Brunswick phonograph, which I had no idea were made - nor that they had a record label too...)
Link to a Brunswick Cortez playing Marvelous/Jazz from the 1920's...
Link to a Brunswick playing in Ten Thousand Years from the 1930's...
Note: there are Brunswick phonograph ads, they are for sale, many of them on e-bay or (one I found was $5.95...hmm...for an old newspaper/magazine advert...maybe I should look harder at the antique shops/garage or estate sales--these could add up, these ads eh?! LoL...)
link to the Brunswick Record Official webpage...
this wee Italian made bunny was among a few fellow bunnies tho they were in cement & not painted
this bunny however is not cute, he is - to me - rather scary looking & I couldn't have him in my garden and for sure not in my house...can you imagine this face looking at you--uh no?! (insert shark Jaws music...or...maybe Monty Python, when that rabbit lunges out the cave & bites their necks?!)
link to Monty Python - Killer Rabbit...from Monty Python & the Holy Grail...
now these giant light bulbs & the barrel w/legs they're in
are way Way more interesting, but I would never pay for them
they're like a science experiment & should be in a science museum
(not used as vintage decorating--I think they were like $40 a bulb)
like the design
wouldn't mind having some of that Best Coffee in Town right about now
then thought, wouldn't this be fun for the shop with the Best Coffee in Town
but then I thought I don't want anybody else to feel bad, so back to like the design/ad aspect
and that blue/white (no, I didn't buy it--I didn't buy anything...I'm just making a list for Prop shopping?!)
back to the typewriters - another one, they're all over
I've really never seen this many antique typewriters--ever
and another Smith Corona, but it cost more than the first one & it's not as good a shape as that first one matter it has an instruction booklet inside the case too...
link to Smith Corona...typewriters...
and now the dolls...
(never in my house, but I can look/take photos/price a few...)
if you need cowgirls you're set
I have trouble imagining that's a boy cowboy
tho the girl cowgirl may be more an indian girl
either way a curious combo in the doll dept
in the huge Barbie section
there is not only Artic Barbie
but there's Norwegian Barbie
(of course side by side as wintery dolls should be)
all the time lived in Norway, in Stavanger
never ever saw a Norwegian Barbie
but here in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana USA I do
my Norwegian friends will get a giggle out of this one
I should ask if my one friend with a boy & girl would like me to send it to her
(more on that when she responds, of course after she stops laughing...)
on e-bay can be from $12 to $50 bucks--didn't even look at the price of this one
link to YouTube...Barbie-Here I Am (Norwegian) case you wondered what Norwegian Barbie would sound like...she's a Prinsessen, of course...
And this concludes my Sunday All Day Flea Market/Antique-ing
I can't look at any more typewriters, dolls or let's just say it--junk with a price tag
Not one legal desk or desk lamp
so far that's maybe 2 things off the long Props list
a typewriter, some hatchet choices
good thing have until July for this play
Anyways in any case--I love a Hunting 'n Gathering Challenge
it gets to me on a gut level...I must find the perfect--whatever it is...
Ah tho if only The Price Were No Object?! (so not the case in Theater)
Happy Hunting on Another Day

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