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En Kongelig Affaere - A Royal Affair

Danish, Swedish, German or Czech while I'm reading subtitles in English
and still I loved it as a historical drama/foreign film, about a time/part of the world I knew very little about...all the court costume, daily life, intrigue - not to mention details in the streets, mud/rats on the curb as the royal carriage rides by kind of cannot imagine how you can have empathy for anyone behind castle walls, but you do/you will...

En Kongelig Affære

File:A Royal Affair.jpg

per Wiki Commons...
(poster) May be found at the following website:
no surprise read under Wikipedia description that it's based on an erotic novel

Official Movie Webpage...
4 yrs in the making? who can afford to do that?!
Good thing they're up for Golden Globe/Oscar as Best Foreign Language Film
as well as being previously at the Berlin Int'l Film Fest...

About The Film

"ROYAL AFFAIR is an 18th century historical drama four years in the making, starring Mads Mikkelsen and Alicia Vikander. Directed by Nikolaj Arcel, screenwriter of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, the film is an epic romance about the love triangle between a German doctor, the queen of Denmark, and her deranged king. The film was produced by Louise Vesth, Meta Louise Foldager (Melancholia) and Sisse Graum Jørgensen (In a Better World) for Zentropa Entertainments."

Mads Mikkelsen
Alicia Vikander
Mikkel Boe Følsgaard
Directed by:Nikolaj Arcel

Produced by:Louise Vesth
Meta Louise Foldager
Sisse Graum Jørgensen

Wiki Link...
I guess they've had at least 4 yrs to work on a Wiki entry or two...

IMDb Link...
photos and videos

YouTube Trailer Link...

Photo: IndieWire has predicted A Royal Affair as a 2013 Oscar frontrunner!!!

Like Magnolia Pictures for more great films in 2013!!!

A Royal Affair - Facebook page...
hmm...does everything everywhere have a Facebook

YouTube - DP/30 @ TIFF - Interview Director/Co-Writer...
Toronto Int'l Film Fest
33 min's so you have to be really interested in this

"it was creepy back then"
16 y/o queen/bride
19 y/o king/groom
38 y/o doctor/lover

Facebook - Cane Fire Film Series - A Royal Affair - Lafayette, LA...

The Cane Fire Film Series brings exclusive first-run independent film to Acadiana.

Photo: Wow! Great turn out for  A ROYAL AFFAIR - Thanks everyone for attending. Hope you enjoyed it. We'll see if it can bring home the Oscar in a few weeks! Next film to be announced soon!

from Cane Fire Film Facebook page - link to a YouTube of CGI work in A Royal Affair...

"Postscript for A ROYAL AFFAIR - Check out the CGI work, that I'm sure you didn't know you were seeing.....In Danish, but just watch the visuals!"

Soundtrack from A Royal Affair...
37 min's - that's a lot of soundtrack

Link to the dance scene between the Queen & her King's Doctor in A Royal Affair...
if I were British I suppose I might call this clip or this whole entire movie: Lush - to hear it's not a big budget film, it's lovely what they did with what they this clip it also doesn't much matter it's not subtitled, or not to me after having watched the movie once on the big screen (or so far...)

so far it's been a Nominee for a Golden Globe & an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film - Winner of a Satellite Award for Best Costume...

Int'l Press Academy - Satellite Awards 2012...

A Royal Affair

    WinnerManon Rasmussen — WINNER
    Costume Design
    Project: A Royal Affair
    Distributor: Magnolia Films

    Motion Picture, International Film
    Project: A Royal Affair
    Distributor: Magnolia Films

    Niels Sejer
    Art Direction & Production Design
    Project: A Royal Affair
    Distributor: Magnolia Films

A review of A Royal Affair - by AO Scott - NYTimes...
if one more person writes it's also a "bodice-ripper" I'm going to demand it be a phrase to go on the Word Ban List?!

Rotten Tomatoes gave En Kongelig Affaere/A Royal Affair an 89% on the Tomatometer...
(86% of Audience Liked It)

A Royal Affair is a lavish and sumptuous costume drama with a juicy story to back it up.

And what Blu-Ray has to say about A Royal Affair in Blu-Ray...

Local newspaper article - The Ind - Cane Fire Flares with Danish Intrigue - Walter Pierce...

Other Local newspaper - Times Pick - A Royal Affair: Saturday...
mentions bad guy from Casino Royale actor - who plays doctor in A Royal Affair

LITE Center - Lafayette, LA - showing Cane Fire Film Series - A Royal Affair...

annoyed note:
Nowhere does it mention, until you're up at the desk trying to pay for a ticket right before the show that they Only Take Cash - if you didn't happen to notice there was no card machine on the you have to go back to the parking lot, get in your car, pull up Navigator on your smarty - thankfully - cell phone to tell you how to get to an ATM/Bank Machine & pronto - or would that be Touts Suite - so you can like Not Miss the One & Only Showing of this Foreign Film in town...

Whew--I made it just by the hair on my chinny chin chin...after watching it Before the Golden Globes I realize how very lucky I am that I got to see it on the big screen at all--because we'll see if, as a foreign film, (winner or not) it will return to little ole' Lafayette, Louisiana...Oh, I did mention my annoyance (& have e-mailed the LITE Center's Events & Tours to ask someone to kindly add a Cash Only note) at having to do all that in order to pay at the table getting my ticket just in time & not knowing it was a Cash Only operation until I got there (which may or may not continue to be how business will be done in future...but Now I Know to have enough Cash?!)

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