Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Bounty: Kickstarts...

Fall Bounty:

Kickstarts - Genterie Supply Co, Maven Menswear, Parish Ink

Rejoingnez-nous ou Mourez

(note: bought this, gave this, not just any gator...
one w/a cause--'Join us or Die'?!)

Genterie Supply Company

"Exceptional garments & objects for men"
Ross & John - recent temporary: Ross's Artist Sis from outside of Paris (as in France...would love to see some of her art/watercolors show up on the walls in the shop, someday soon--hint, Hint...)
Downtown Lafayette
between Recycle Cycle & French Market
across from San Souci Parc fountain

green graphic greeting cards...
by Hammerpress Letterpress & Design Studio

(note: bought a few...yes even the 'sh*t' one, plus a bike postcard I don't see here on the table in this shot - already mailed it off to a biking friend so no photo of it, you'll have to go in & see for yourself)

shop link...

210 E. Vermilion Street
Lafayette, LA 70501
Phone: 337-401-3833
Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 7pm
Sunday: 10am - 3pm

Email: info@Genterie.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Genterie-Supply-Co/121333607943749
Twitter: @Genterie

Link to 'Be You' column in The Daily Advertiser by Aileen Bennett - interviewed Ross Fontenot & John Petersen...

Link to Bon Appetit Magazine article about Lafayette, LA - The Capital of Cajun Country - & it includes a photo of Ross Fontenot, co-owner of Genterie...

(note: described in the article as "a newly opened and unapologetically hip menswear store")


Maven Menswear

Daniel & Christina Barbier
"the one & only bro-tique"
in RiverRanch, at the Main Street Shops
where a modern light shop - Lamp Designs - use to be on the corner next to ice cream shop - Crush

Wooden Watch...by WeWood
Link to their direct webpage to read more about One Watch, One Tree, One Planet...

(note: was the first ad - of this wooden watch - I'd seen for this men's shop I think before they were open even, made it to the afternoon of their soft opening--before the DJ started up, did touch the watch - someone had it out of the box - was very light & then I bought a T-shirt by Rothco for the army son... when I find a pic of it you'll know why?!)

shop link...

Rothco tshirt, multi print 'guns' (they didn't really need to name it...)
(note: so you can see why an Army guy might like it - I know I shouldn't encourage, but I bought it...)

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Maven-Menswear/214028155318946

Word for the day: Maven
(so how many of you will have to go look the word up? it's also on Maven Menswear Facebook page info, but they copied their definition from the Urban Dictionary - so you could go there too to just double check yourself...)

Parish Ink

Bram & Jillian
partnered with Downtown T-Shirts, Tom Brown
inside the once Fun Shop, downtown Lafayette
they can ride their bikes from their house to downtown, like many downtown entrepreneurs I've chatted with (am a bit jealous, have to drive my bike down--then ride around downtown, sad I know...)

Ain't Boudin Grand? Lafayette Louisiana
(note: bought this one, of course, keep sending 'em to the boys--what fun, soon enough they'll end up with a T-shirt a day am thinking...what a legacy?!)

shop link...

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Parish-Ink/174598932552003

Parish Ink
417 Lee Avenue
Lafayette, LA 70501

see also other creative links, from their/the Johnson's webpage...
Twitter: @workagencies

(note: luv the fam photo w/dogs 'n G-ma's couch...could use some business cards, would be great if they did them like they do their T-shirts...only minor detail is--first a bizness?!)

Chere Bebe
from Jillian's etsy page - Green Apple/Red Eagle - WorkAgencies


(note: that is the state of Louisiana in the middle, in case you were wondering...also sent this one to my kid's kid - aka Baby Girl - it's what you'd say to cute babies here, 'aw--chere bebe' & she is a 'precious baby' - or that's how I'm translating the CajunFrench, though could also be 'cute baby'...)

The Independent article: Bringing the fun back to downtown...

The Fun Shop - from the real estate listing...
built in 1901

(note: building was a Fun Shop, for real, for something like 45 years...am so happy Parish Ink is keeping the fun faces on the exterior trim & also that they're trying to save/refurbish the great blue & white tile floors in the interior--laid out with a white background & a sky blue 'fleur de lis' pattern...was fabulous to see the old floors during ArtWalk downtown & hope they stay there?!)

Link to Flickr - rights reserved by Dave Nance - to go see The Fun Shop faces up there/up close...

(note: am sorry I did, as I thought they were 'fun' & not scary until I saw these pics - am thinking the least scariest of the faces lined up there he took pics of may be the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz or that's who I'm guessing the lion is...)


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