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" eat like crap & expect your body never to retaliate? really?"

remember article culling continues
my idea of recycle reuse
save paper save (freight) weight
and I like to be reminded of healthy things
when I'm about to go under the stress gun
what with moving and all that 'fun'--right...

The Three Laws of Healing
Live long and live strong!
by Dr. Bart Precourt

pg 34 The Thirty-A Review
Sept/Oct 2012

note: the 30-A is a highway in FL
Grayton Beach may be my fav along it

link to the article...

Three Laws of Healing

1. Law of Cellular Replacement
2. Law of Time
3. Law of Supply and Demand

note: you could prob guess Law 1 (your body replaces cells) & 2 (it takes time to heal) but 3?

"your body will heal accordingly to the supply and demand of healthy options for your body"

"remember you are what you eat"

note: now that last phrase I have heard before...and more than once
tho I did 'not' know it was a TV show, cookbook, other books, an eating plan, a Wiki, etc etc...

link to Wiki - You Are What You Eat...

I love this subject line...
because it struck a chord, in me, I've done this--like a lot...

here's the rest of the paragraph it belongs to:

     "Our health care system has taught you to believe that things happen to you' that you 'catch' a cold or have hormonal imbalances because of something other than your own doing.  then of course you need them to fix you. You let yourself get run down, stressed, you eat like crap and expect your body never to retaliate? Really? In reality we are at fault. And this is a good thing, because it means we have the power to do something about it. We are not victims that can only be saved by more frequent doctor visits and drugs."

and from another source regarding the same phrase: You Are What You Eat, Digital Cafe...
(or Vegetarian Diet for Optimum Health)
"Experts say that ninety nine percent of the diseases known to man are caused by cheap food-like processed stuff. Processed food are dead food. They are 'hurt' food. Not health food. 
The trillion cells in our body regenerates every few days crying out for nourishment. Whatever you ingest or consume becomes YOU."
link to You Are What You

about that phrase:

You Are What You Eat

here's more about the origins of it...

link to Phrases.Org...


a translation from French:
"Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are" - Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

link to his Wiki...

note: love this part...grow fat 'willy-nilly'...
"Brillat-Savarin is often considered as the father of low-carbohydrate diet. He considered sugar and white flour to be the cause of obesity and he suggested instead protein-rich ingredients."
"Sure enough, carnivorous animals never grow fat (consider wolves, jackals, birds of prey, crows, etc.). Herbivorous animals do not grow fat easily, at least until age has reduced them to a state of inactivity; but they fatten very quickly as soon as they begin to be fed on potatoes, grain, or any kind of flour. ... The second of the chief causes of obesity is the floury and starchy substances which man makes the prime ingredients of his daily nourishment. As we have said already, all animals that live on farinaceous food grow fat willy-nilly; and man is no exception to the universal law. Brillat-Savarin, Jean Anthelme (1970). The Physiology of Taste. trans. Anne Drayton..."

1863 or 64

another translation from German:

" is what he eats." - Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach

link to his Wiki...

1920's or 1930's

"Ninety per cent of the diseases known to man are caused by cheap foodstuffs. You are what you eat." 1923 beef advert

(note: surprisenly sounding like the blog above--You are what you eat, digital cafe...hmm...)

 phrase take from the nutritionist Victor Lindlahr who developed the Catabolic Diet...
in 1942, he published: "You Are What You Eat: how to win and keep health with diet"

link to his Wiki...

note: says his book sold over a 1/2 million copies

link to & all of Victor Hugo Lindlahr's books, you can still order...

(note: $9.95 you can still get a copy of the original 1942 makes me itch, from paper mites, to even think about it...)

referred to as the hippy era
during the macrobiotic wholefood phase of diets
and then it stops following the phrase

Vertumnus (Emperor Rudolph II) - Giuseppe Arcimboldo
Artist: Giuseppe Arcimboldo

my description: you are what you eat?

link to Wiki Paintings...

link to the References there on Wiki Paintings...

description of painting at

Emperor Rudolph II
about 1590-1591
oil on wood; 68 x 56 cm
Skoklosters Slott
Balsta, Sweden

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