Wednesday, June 26, 2013

w/e in NOLA

w/e in NOLA

very little French Quarter
this time
Canal Street Trolley
City Park
Rashaad Newsome - King of Arms
Morning Call
Cafe au lait
River Boat Night Cruise
Creole Queen
e's Emeril's
Louisiana Bistro - Feed Me!
Red Velvet Coffee

room overlooking Loyola
with a view

dinner at e's Emeril's
first any of his restaurant's
melt in your mouth
skipped the was on the toast points with fire red chilis
after dinner coffee--not the $12 cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain
James Richards...Who?? (he's on the cup/saucer)

Holiday Inn
The Clarinet
looking away toward maybe the Energy Bldg
is the Super Moon...tah dah...
(too bad don't know how to use the new phone camera to take a night time/moon photo)

Curfew Laws Strickly Enforced
We Will Find a Wall

StreetArt Grafitti NOLA
walking down Loyola to Canal for the street car

Street Car Canal named City Park
teased elsewhere...sigh--not Desire
there are 3 Street Cars that go to different places coming down Canal
I did not know this, but luckily got on the right one & with 5 quarters in my hand

MidCity Sign
City Park soon after

in front the water feature
Lily Pond
moving sculpture art

Art Magazine
Cabinet Curiosities article
look it's a Banksy, I knew it
called--wait for it...IKEA (see the box)
as I love streetart/grafitti on or off the walls of the streets
from the French Market vendor I have heard there are/were Banksy's walls in NOLA
or maybe in the French Quarter--he had photos of them on tiles, but I've never been lucky enough to find day...or I'll just fondly look at my two tiles I bought of Banksy pieces that may or may not be painted over by now...there is a push for Grafitti Cleanup--when I think they should just go for the tags or maybe overlapping stickers/paste, after that the 'art' walls should stay...there should be a group for that huh?!
OK--back to cafe, coffee, my cappuccino was a CC's - didn't have a Cafe au lait here
(later at Morning Call--where I'll find they have an iced Cafe au lait?!)

inside NOMA
maybe the top floor
don't recall see no photos
or it's no photos with flash
here a Kochina Doll (sp?)
the mischvious one
American Indian peoples

I'm thinking Mardi Gras
what a fun hat, mask, costume
if only I had pony tails could put up & stick out of the top of such a hat

didn't find a plaque for this at the entrance/exit doors
definitely a period piece, that prob weighs in a ton
kinda wished I were Mary Poppins...
to put that lamp straight away into my carpet bag
only to float away with it all at the end

at the beginning or entrance nearer the NOMA
the Sculpture Garden of City Park

going across the bridge
Karma is a bizarre, awe some silver steel piece
as striking as the Silver Surfer only multiplied to ad fin

word man in contemplation
doesn't notice behind
run men run
ride that bike, faster, faster
there's a giant spider in the park
a coming

her spider is dancing in the park
I've seen another, larger of hers
maybe not so much dancing
in London outside the...
I think Contemporary Art Museum along the river
Wait--it's the Tate Modern Museum...
(and to think I don't like real spiders one bit?!)

link to Louise Bourgeois Wiki...
note: her first largest spider she named Maman...Yes, after her Mother...

all you need is Love
I've seen this image before
even framed on a wall
but may be the first sculpture size one I've seen
thru the L & the O there is more art beyond

link to Robert Indiana Wiki...

link to Robert Indiana Love Sculpture Wiki...

but is it just
you have to, really I'm not kidding, have to walk all around this sculpture
or you'll miss not just more arms, but the faces

this may be the most bizarro, fascinating, captivating, shiny art, park thing
that I've even seen, it was mesmerizing, it was beautiful & awful at the same time
I had to step away
if anyone every puts something like this into motion
Oh my...nightmares will abound...

link to Rona Pondick Wiki...

link to NOMA - click on recording at the top for a description about the Monkey piece by Rona Pondick...

somewhere I've read there are something like 55 sculpture pieces in City Park
I'm not sure I found them all
I am sure I did not photograph them all

walked outside the Sculpture Park
went in search of Morning Call
went the wrong way, as I do
passed the stadium
behind the wall...I heard...
a Cock a doodle do
I turned around the end wall to the wire fence
and there he was...crowing & pecking
I didn't see any hen friends
they are great for bug control
still, if nothing else for claws or a beak, am happy he's behind the fence

skipped the Botanical Gardens
because I really/Really needed an iced coffee
not to worry there is greenery elsewhere
I also passed a stone bridge or too
but didn't stop to photo them as I had a mission
to find Morning Call Coffee
despite my phone's navigation
I even ignored the pretty colorful fancy car up on the trailer in the parking lot
that will come into closer view later & elsewhere in the park

but first an iced Cafe au Lait
this place so said is Open 24 hrs
they also have Beignets
I didn't need a puffy powdered sugar donut square
I needed a Coffee & like an hour ago
No, I sucked that puppy down without one photo
I'd never tried an iced one, always hot with beignets on the side--maybe, at least once or twice

link to Morning Call Coffee Stand...

an oak tree with a history
somewheres else in the park, City Park
on the map
there is a Suicide Oak
skipped that this trip in
(am not sure will be on my list to do, but the botanical gardens will be & another trip 'round the sculpture park...)

then came the rumble of an odd engine
what I thought was an old car
it wasn't reved up to make me think it was a race car engine
it passed
saw the flowery sides
knew it was from the same artist as was in the NOMA
it circled around
stopped in front of the NOMA
people, cameras popped up like popcorn, all over the front steps, circle of the NOMA

I took my iced coffee over sat a spell on the steps
took two pics
could of take hundreds
at least one photographer was

fav passer by with a camera was old guy on a bike that I think had gone fishing

guy cleaning the car wore a Lambo...GoneWild T-shirt
so far I have found nothing searching on line for that

the serious art car would be on display for the gallery opening
of Rashaad Newsome - King of Arms exhibit is hung in the NOMA
was told there was a video, missed that walking around the floors of the NOMA
but how lucky to catch the art car parked out front

his art is Bling combined with Heraldry or so says the local newspaper
the Bling part you can deff get

apparently from overheard conversation
they have driven the car from New York
I think I've read that's where the artist is now
but he's from NOLA (or at some point in time)

link to Rashaad Newsome webpage...

link to Rashaad Newsome - King of Arms - under Collage/Sculpture

note: for s & g have a watch/listen to one of his performance pieces...

link to LambosGoneWild FB page...

note: where you'll see the trailer pulled up to NOMA with Rashaad Newsome's art car strapped down still on it...later it will be taken off the trailer & driven out front of City Park/the MOMA to part where the trailer was & then begins all the photographs in earnest...

leaving City Park
Street Car named City Park
it's the end of the line
it turns around here
the view from the seats back toward the statue in front of the park
the electric box has been painted with the front & back views

along the way pass the newly opened Joy Theater
another time will catch a play here

the street car benches along Canal are covered
also with art
here the artist has taken the Street Car named Desire
and a classic French Quarter lamp post along with a colorful garden home maybe
as the inspiration/backdrop to their glass shell canvas
my photo was taken from the streetcar so I couldn't find the artist's name
it's a series, there are a line of them on either side of Canal Street


link to City Park New Orleans/NOLA...

note: where the NOMA is & the Sculpture Park
& the Bontanical Gardens & the NOMA Cafe
& Morning Call...

Aw...I see I missed the Zombie Run?!

link to NOMA - New Orleans Museum of Art...

also where the NOMA Cafe is
had a lovely cappuccino, no matter it was CC's coffee

where you'll also find more about the sculpture park/garden
or The Sydney & Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden at NOMA


Louisiana Bistro - French Quarter - NOLA
Feed Me! menu
which I would call the Chef's Choice
we were brave, we hadn't a clue
but after the surprise chef's dinner at e's kitchen back in Lafayette
knowing there's a good chef in the kitchen then you have to 'trust' them
and we did

each course, we went with three rather than five or more,
the chef - Chef Mars - comes out to tell you what you're eating
so there were frog legs, then tiny quail, then a beef short rib
all of which had a lot more than that going on - touch of creole spice
as I was worried about the spicy part, so was not told not Cajun spice (or Cayenne pepper)
at the end there was coffee (but no espresso)

link to Louisiana Bistro, French Quarter, New Orleans...

note: it is a Bistro, so size wise it's 40 seats, but your tables aren't touching... and we made reservations, then showed up early & they kindly let us in...

WWII Museum
no longer the D-Day Museum
tho there is a film about D-Day with Tom Hanks narrating at the beginning

there are 4 bldgs, now with another at least to come
this the Boeing bldg houses the planes
later we'll return to watch the Final Mission - the Tang (sub) experience

decorated uniforms & bomber jackets
like the planes themselves
am curious how many tattoo's were also made from these
(then & now--for the classic soldier/sailor tatt)

next WWII Museum bldg is for reconstruction projects
and by Tour only
so here they're reconstructing a PT Boat
it will return to the water
for a time you'll be able to ride on it
then it will be put to work again & no more tour/free rides

as it's Sunday when we're there we don't have to wear hardhats
and the guys/gals aren't there working on it
but our tour guide guy is one of those guys so he can tell us what's what

then we're allowed to go up top for some quick snaps
to see the all wood work everywhere & all the copper screws/bolts is amazing just that
(even for me who could care about a boat for one or a PT Boat for another)

I like they're having fun too
they're recreating history
telling old war stories for sure
may watch one of those old war movies with PT Boats in them with a little more respect
McHale's Navy for one--which we were told at least one old guy thought they'd pretty much nailed it how it was back then on those PT Boats...haha...

model of what the original PT 109 would of looked like
tho they used a lot of plans to reconstruct this one in the bldg, we'll see what it looks like at the end
also it's 'all' wood, really, all that grey painted stuff uptop--it's all wood, the part the captain/crew look out from, the round gun holes--all wood...

The Final Mission - The Tang (Sub) Experience
an interactive kind of experience
I was one of the guys stationed on the radar
we had to live up the position knobs over the blip & then hit the red lock button
we were given cards at the beginning of our sailor on the crew
at the end we went to the board to find out who survived
my guy lived!!
(I've done this one other time for the Titanic Exhibit & my girl lived on there too?!)

their Victory Garden
just like back in the day
on the HomeFront
there were Victory Gardens to help supply food for folks
as so much was being shipped off for the soldiers/sailors

inside the building where the Soda Shop is, on the other side,
is a display of old vehicles - before you go up the stairs to the rest of the exhibits for WWII

here the pigeon trailer
obviously they used pigeons to relay messages
and an amphibious vehicle (that looks like I took it from underwater)

Link to National World War II Museum...

link to more about the PT Boat reconstruction at the Restoration Pavilion of the Nat'l WWII Museum...

"Built at Higgins Shipyards’ City Park plant, the boat known as PT 305..."
so it seems the PT Boat has some local connection/history

walking the streets, my fav thing to do--discover grafitti
Hecho in New Orleans on a deserted bldg wall with a hashtag no less, #Hecho
Blue Dog Splat...LoL... (on the sidewalk, even better)

Riverboat Cruise
Creole Queen
New Orleans
Leaving from Riverwalk/Boardwalk
(which the Riverwalk is closed to become...we think an Outlet says the sign in so many words on the locked doors...)
Super Moon
(which you cannot see due to the clouds...or maybe once we had a quick glimpse of the bottom half of the moon before it disappeared into clouds again...there was distant flashing like thunder/lightning going on elsewhere but luckily 'not' over the river where we were, outdoors/up top a river boat on the water?!)
went to the bridge in one direction, then turned around
trying out my new cell phone camera, low light, forgot the motion bit--lots left to learn

my first PaddleBoat Riverboat Cruise
(I'm not counting the Riverboat down the Nile River--that was a totally different experience?!)

link to the paddleboat, is she the only one? the Creole Queen...

leaving NOLA
stop at Red Velvet Coffee--finally
their 2nd location, prev known as Mabel's
machiato, sparkling water
poppy seed--is it a scone
both so del-ish
at the bottom of my cup--a tiny star
yes that's a prayer flag--I'd like to think it's from when the Dali Lama came to town
(I missed all that visit, including the sand mandala's being made/then swept up & let loose in the river...)
on the wall, painted art--this piece is from my fav doc movie of Louisiana:
Beasts of the Southern Wild
what's curious is when I wrote down the artist's name I didn't realize it's the name of the actor in the movie, who played the Dad, who also runs a bakery in NOLA...did he paint it? now I'm curious--one day I'll make it to the bakery or back to Red Velvet Coffee to ask/find out?!

Red Velvet, Velvet to Geaux, Throw a Cupcake...all related...2 locations, prev also a popup trailer...
note: am happy that finally I at least found 1 location, Tamara wasn't there but will tell her saw her in The Lab in Lafayette & even before that had heard of her coffee shop/trailer & wanted to find I have...I will be back...I will search out the other location & dig for what happened to the popup trailer as well...always a mystery--coffee, coffeeshops, coffee folks, baristas, farms/farmers, on & on...but I love it?!

The end of w/e in NOLA, until next trip to the Crescent City, the Big Easy, NOLA, Nawlin's, New Orleans...or whatever else you care to call it...until we meet again?! :o))


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