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Mardi Gras Theme 2013 - Will it or Won't it Rain

Mardi Gras Theme 2012
Will it or Won't it Rain
Odds many days were way over 50/50

So...Throw me something mister--before it rains down something other than beads?!

Due to Vintage Mardi Gras Costume Sale at Cite des Arts volunteering or Capuchon/ Mask making for a week out from Mardi Gras aka Fat Tuesday I didn't make but the tail end of the dog parade the Saturday a week out from Mardi Gras w/e parades (Oh yeah--snicker snicker...yes, I did say 'tail' end...)

And then just made Mardi Gras Day for the King's Parade & what we often all the middle parade that never remember the name of we'll call it the Lafayette Parade during which it poured down rain for at least 5 min's while we popped up the umbrellas or ran under the Camper cover behind us & finally to end it all the Independent Parade...

But sadly I took note there was no Krewe of CousheCoushe this year (or maybe they only stay downtown & not march the whole way from before downtown, down Johnston St to the Cajun Dome Blvd & thru the Festival aka Rides at the Cajun Dome parking lot...that's a long way to march when you're 'not' a Marching Band & often 'not' as young as maybe you use to be when you stumble into Krewe of CousheCoushe...)

They're what I think of as the Anything Goes Marching Krewe - was told they have a community trunk of costumes you can use & pretty much anybody that shows up can march with the for their Ball--it's whatever bar establishment will let them in for free or cheap & put up with their type of crowd...maybe they just had a Ball this year & said forget the rain threat so didn't march in the parade - or at least didn't see them down past UL Campus along the parade route...



am thinking disco ball mickey mouse ears green nose did very Very well at racking up a bunch of bags of beads & all else...we've often been told if you wear a costume or make a sign then the Krewe's on the floats like to throw you more--if you make a game like a net then that's good too...


Fav under the sea/Sea Horse float
for the Sea Horses alone
couldn't even tell you what else was on the float
but sadly they were 'not' throwing sea shells (necklaces)


passing Dwyers downtown from Parc San Souci/Parking Garage spot
love the downtown murals...makes me want a cup of coffee, that can't have 'cause nothing's open but Food Trucks elsewhere along the parade route... (am now wondering if the dark haired lady with glasses pouring coffee--let me guess Community, or was back in the day, reminds me of the movie Tootsie & the actor Dustin Hoffman at the time playing the crossdressing Tootsie on a Soap Opera...)


Bead Booty beginning...did find a fav, the gold beads made of Jazz instruments - which proceeded to next parade give away to my friend's son who's moving to Belgium with the Navy & so this was not only his first Mardi Gras in 8 yrs he says but will be his last now for prob at least 3 more (so who can refuse that--I live here, he can have 'all' the silly plastic shiny beads he wants far as I'm concerned?!)



another Fav during Mardi Gras...the Mardi Gras Tree--in all the Mardi Gras colors...purple, gold, green & then some...there will also be utility lines decorated or fences along the parade routes as well...some folks will even on purpose toss them into their trees & hang them on their gates/fences...

good day for an umbrella hat...and also an upturned umbrella, after the downpour, to try 'n catch more beads (some of that make it game for the Krewe & you get more bead booty...) then there's the guy with the fishing net, but such a long pole to hold onto not sure how well he did all day...

Krewe Pas Bon
as in Pass a Good Time I would think
look at that load of beads will ya'
I think those are a tease...
as is whenever any member of the Krewe holds up an extra big stuffed animal
making you think they might throw it your way...
(if you know someone on these floats & they actually see you/hear you then you might get whacked with a bunch of big beads or a bag of beads or possibly--tho I've never seen it, the said giant stuffed animal...)
Independent Parade
so you get adverts
but I like their hats - check out the Viking gold horns on one of them...
and all that colorful hair (I think I have a wig of pink or red hair somewheres in my Mardi Gras box I did not dig outta the garage this year--as I was digging thru way too many Mardi Gras Costumes instead for one thing...)
Krewe of Crossfit were very entertaining...
that guy at the top in the middle without a shirt on -
he's got what I think is a camera on his chest, so he'll have some fun rewinding when he's done...
then on the other end of the float as the passed by saw 2 other guys w/o their shirts on
that actually looked good w/o their shirts on & I missed that shot?!
more hats, more Viking hats--but enjoying the way they wear their horns?!
(am seeing maybe a Capuchon next year with some Viking/Cow horns out the sides...)


Courir de Mardi Gras/Country Mardi Gras banner art on this float
I think it may be the only one I saw - he's got his costume/capuchon/mask all on like he's a scarecrow out in the fields (also like the stripey shirt thing going on in the crowd too...)

and the Fav/Famous Louisiana saying...
Laissez le bon temps rouler
aka Let the Good Times Roll
(which it's Mardi Gras so they deff are)
Whoop Whoop Whoop for the Super Heroes...
think she's trying to get some paradegoers all worked up
either that or she's started her party early
(which if I were to guess on most of these Independent Floats that's the way they one that past earlier & I prob missed that photo too was the float with a port-a-potty on the back end - can you guess how well that works as you're rolling down the street?!)
DJ Boogi Boi float in the Independent Parade
I like their mask a lot
he's kinda leaf/bat/winged mask
Krewe of Anything Goes...
Krewe of Let's just drink our Daiquiris instead of throwing beads much...
Krewe of Let's throw my beads backwards over my back...
Drew Brees catches the gold beads...or guy in his Saints Fan Football Tee Shirt did?!


colorful Mardi Gras colors...then I see it, not a Port-a-potty on the back of the float--
no, this one is on the front of the float...tsk tsk...don't remember seeing these in the parades before,
cracks me up (the least they could of done was hang some purple plastic tablecloth on it too?!
Oh & someone's gonna get a football off the backend of this float looks like...
look up in the air it's 'not' beads, it's a rubber football...Heads up y'all--you just do 'not' know what might hit you upside it when you're 'not' looking?!
more Super that really Batman--Holy Cow...
And what is a Shred Fest...I must look that one up...
so is it a big Shred Party or is it a Ski Party or a Concert or ??
or just all of the above & do I really care...


Oh if only they'd be throwing airline to Brazil...
missed the front so don't have a clue who they all are, but that one guy up top is swinging a big/Big bunch of beads to just tease the all get out of beggers below...
Robert M's should have the hands down best hair of them all...
then I'm seeing more Super Heroes, again--can Batman be 2 places at once...
the Magic of Mardi Gras...and there's Spidey walking away too...throw us a web will ya'?!
Krewe de Cajun ___
Fat Pat's
Cut Dat - was 'not' throwing Dat...


Krewe de Cafe (I think)
Why aren't they throwing coffee--Throw me a Latte or a Cappuccino
(could use one right about now, even more than the stupid Jello Shots that were being thrown off some float earlier--would guess a bar or college student float had something to do with that crazy idea, but I could be wrong...guy in front of us caught one, looked like mouth wash 'n water in a tiny plastic cup w/a sealed plastic sheet overtop--we all agreed he should 'throw it away mista'?!)
Krewe of City Bar
Krewe of Dix
Krewe of I don't know
Krewe of Crossfit Outrage
(what? there's 2 of them - this one bigger, full of neon green t-shirts & more girls...)
I don't know is she taunting with a cup to throw
or is she having a Cheers with her frozen Daiquiri--can't tell...
love the plaid shirt boy's technique--Come to Me, his hands coming towards him rather than the usual of everybody waving or grabbing or jumping up & down one hand/both hands waving...
(seems he's doing well so it may be a good one to try, like next year...)
Again--with the Port-a-Potty off the back of the float, too many Daiquiris for the Krewe of Dix
(do you think they're trying to be clever, instead of Krewe de Dix...then Dix can sound like something else--but in town it's a Burgers & Daiquiri's Place/Hangout...dare I call it a restaurant? I think not!)
long walk back to the car
from Motor City down the side street along UL until get to Girard Park
where I'm parked as close as I could get - then I get out of the parking lot & head in the direction that everybody else is 'not' (even if it's the long way, it will be the short way in the end then if I'd followed the leader to even worse a street that ends in a left/right but w/o a street light?!)
I have an urge to climb down to go walk along the coolee to read the graffiti down there...
like that color blue, am thinking it's not really more than one graffiti artist...
Bead booty that's not in my bag...
goodness this all weighs you down when you're walking a mile to the car
and underneath my new--what else--Mardi Gras bead shirt from last year's Mardi Gras design by Parish Ink
(note: as long as they don't do anything stupid like Keep Calm & Party Gras, then it's all good...Yes, I saw that T-shirt on someone in the parade crowd--but I did not see it in any of the stores, so don't know where they go it or if they made it special...someone has got to put a hault now on copying that phrase--now it's getting old & overdone & enough already?!)
Fav bead pic, hanging from my neck before I take them off to hang them from the rearview...
at least for a few more days, showing off the spoils per say & I like the shiny colors of them all
& even better the sound of them sliding/tinkling almost all together as you drive/turn the corner...
almost as good as wind chimes in the breeze...

the bead booty/haul in the bag at home on the kitchen table
even a green dubloon (that I didn't catch but picked up, they are rarer & rarer to come by...this one plastic--do they even make metal ones anylonger?)
Checking out on the Mardi Gras Cup throw when Mardi Gras is next year & a few more years to come...


on the other side of the Mardi Gras cup
from the dates - cute joker/jester throwing/catching beads



you'll never believe
best filling yet this year
Oh my the imagination
It's called the Elvis
Can you guess?
Well, there would be bananas & peanut butter right
then there would be bacon--Oh yes there is...
(which I narrowly warned an unawares Vegetarian getting ready to take a bite of this King Cake at the Vintage Mardi Gras Costume Sale...Opps...Bacon is 'not' on most Veggies diet right?!)
It was a Favorite King Cake this year--it's from Twins, which is a Burger joint now after the real Twins of a baker Dad took his Southside Bakery & left the boys to it (I think he's opened elsewhere now...but is he making the Elvis? hmm...maybe not?!) PS King Cakes are not cheap, especially this one--it's a good thing they are only once a year from 12th Night until Mardi Gras?!
Link to the Twins webpage...
(note: there is no Elvis King Cake Flavor on the menu--but trust me, it is there...funny did not notice until now that it's Burgers & Sweets?!)
OK, enough...
enough King Cake
enough Parades
enough Beads
enough Rain
enough Mardi Gras Costumes
enough Mardi Gras
We Passed a Good Time & now that's that until next year
Now--What to give up for Lent?
Sugar...ugh...sigh...wish me well...Oh I am not Catholic, but I feel a great need to Give it up along with everyone else over the next 45 days is it of Lent--from Mardi Gras until Easter I think it is...
End of a Happy Mardi Gras Y'all



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