Wednesday, May 9, 2012

April in Paris a Photo Journal - Cont'd

Motorola Droid2 cell phone photos
of Paris, France

Air France - au revoir / à bientôt
(or Good bye / See you soon)

 Perfectly lovely espresso

Cafe/Coffee Gourmand - ordered as a dessert
(if only had known what this was sooner, found out the last night out to a restaurant for dinner)

Wine selection from Le Chansonnier - must find this label again

Airport Gate - Charles de Gaulle - Paris, France (in the new modern section-I like...even though was leaving at the time, but was early, time to roam, too bad not more snoozer loungers is all I could complain about...)

Link to AirLine Trends for Airports--didn't see any Light Therapy Pods at Charles de Gaulle tho (could be since wasn't flying Finnair, this time...) but I like the Sleeping Pod idea in Moscow & the Rent a Stuff in Lisbon & I may have to Print out a Banner at Schiphol next time flying thru Amsterdam - the best tho is the Ladies Only Airplane Restroom on Korean Air, here's hoping they make that for 'all' airlines & 'Tout Suite" too?!

How did I miss 'tryvertising' or 'brand butlers' that Aéroports de Paris has set up at either Charles de Gaulle (CDG airport code) or Orly (ORY) - musta been on another terminal, can only hope next visit there will be more...what fun to be had then?!

Look here at their Facebook Page for Airport Brand Spaces...
(where was that Samsung Sound Corner when I needed it, would of so curled up in one of those futurist padded circular pods for the long wait after arriving ridiculously early for this recent flight I had leaving Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport?!)

This is what we missed at 2B - we were at close & yet so time Paris, France--next time...

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