Friday, April 20, 2012

April in Paris - not as romantic as it might sound

April in Paris
not as romantic as it might sound

*Report coming on return back to the states - major techno failure, as find out last minute (evening before flight) the Droid 2 is not Global & the (excuse for a) netbook at Apart'Hotel connection is slower than a snail dragging my letters across the tiny screen (would be all day to throw a photo up am guessing?!)

Psychic prediction - I see an iphone & possibly ipad in my future & a return to France, especially Paris (as Je adore Paris?!)

Highlights of what to look forward to...

Place des Voges - Victor Hugo's: did not know he was a decorating nut, this his 2nd house full

L'Orangerie - Picasso's there have never seen & Debussey's gallery sized art collection with of all things a number of Edvard Munch's paintings (missed his gallery in Oslo, Norway while living in Stavanger)

Picasso's museum - found closed until Fall of Sept of like next year, no where on any sign or posting until you get to the actual door (so many folks wandering down the street with guidebooks in hand unaware of disappointment only a few steps away)

Eiffel tower - in the rain, wind, dust (no April is not all springtime & flowers yáll)

Canal-a-rama cruise down the Seine - goes underground, under the Bastille, starting from Villette to Arsenal

Forum Les Halles - where found an Orange shop to get the backup phone a chip so can at least be that connected (may yet go into withdrawals if not home soon to dump the Droid & find my way to the land of  'i' finally) Note: Rumor has it the gardens that were above Les Halles have now gone the way of the past--torn down for (questionable) progress

Pompidou Center - more interesting on the outside & the Stravinsky fountain nearby (skipped Matisse & Degas at d'Orsay as well, the touted exhibits in town to date)

Notre Dame - stroll pass & find the pink trees in bloom more awe inspiring, a side arbor of short compact trees coming into springtime bloom covered or jammed packed full of what look like small carnations, tiny pink petals falling all over the cobblestones

Chapel of unknown name until can research it more, wandering around lost where ducked in from rain, cold, wind, to sit in peace, light a candle, read over the map, bundle up & stumble out ready to brave the elements again

Still on the possible list of things can still get to see or do while in Paris through the weekend...

Ride the tourist view bus 69 (curious if this number means anything to the French or not) from across town, starting midway at the Bastille to Eiffel Tower on 1 end & the Pere Lachaise Cemetery on the other

Train ride out to Fountainbleau - where someone in our party has just got to see the rocks...yes, rocks & not say the palace (or was it a little old hunting lodge after all, the grounds the size of a small state maybe)

More? yet to be determined..

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