Monday, July 4, 2011

Carpe Espresso

Carpe Diem Gelato Espresso Bar

812 Jefferson Street
Lafayette, LA 70501

underneath boutique hotel The Juliet
at the one corner of The Filling Station
and the other corner of Bonnie Bells Bistro
across the street from the old courthouse & the statue of General Alfred Mouton

Carpe Diem may be Sieze the Day for some
but for me it's Carpe (Sieze the) Espresso?!

Soft Opening (as they call it in the biz) Tuesday July 5th 10:00 AM

Before this though there have been lots & Lots of previews & taste tastings - I made one of them, this past Saturday taste tasting, enjoying not just 1 but 2 beautifully 'pulled' (again, as they say in the biz) espressos...

First one by Cuvee coffee roasters, out of Austin, TX (aka the Hill Country) - a citrus or even almost smokey tasting espresso...(or I was given these descriptions & I can relate to the citrus after tasting it - not bitter exactly, but it's there on the back on the tongue...)

Second one by a guest roaster I was told until after I tasted it, when I could say what it was not but couldn't put my tongue/tastebuds on what it did taste like - except it hit the sides of my tongue for some reason...then come to find out, surprisenly, I was told it's a Community Coffee roast?!

I would of never guessed it, as I'm now guessing not many working behind the coffee machines at a CC's can pull a proper this Barista, Thomas, of course - thankfully - can?!

from my Droid2 phone - was so excited for my 1st espresso from Carpe Diem?!


Carpe Diem - Lafayette, LA
Webpage (looks under construction still last I looked)

Cuvee Coffee - Spicewood, TX (west of Austin, TX in the Hill Country)

Am very happy to see they're supporting the coffee farmers in Guatemala - I know good people from there & would like to know am helping in anyway the coffee farmers there to keep growing?! Now am curious about the 'Volcan de Agua' - is there a volcano (of water,) or is just in the farm or the name & abouit Hunapu is that a Goddess or God or just a city in the highlands near Antigua...(I think I must ask my friends actually from Guatemala for more inside scoop on this subject?!)

And this coffee/espresso was at Carpe Diem on the counter when I was there for the taste testing - how could you forget this label?!

product description from Cuvee webpage reads:

"An espresso blend created exclusively for Once Over Coffee in Austin, Texas.  This coffee is heavy in body with very mild hints of fruit acidity and loads of sweetness."

Coffee Machine Link...
La Marzocco - made in Florence, Italy

Here are photos from their webpage of the most likely 'Cadillac' uber model of the La Marzocco coffee machines... I was told you can tell by the lion inset into the corner of the outside case, that it's the 'one'?!

There is a machine like this in Carpe Diem, don't know the model--but know it can 'pull' a marvelous espresso (or so far, I've had two?!)

Am ready for Tuesday, have my $1.00 Off coupon ready to finally use at Carpe Diem as it'll be Open...
picked that coupon up at the Int'l Festival before they were even open, lucky me, along with my Carpe Diem tote bag that I think my sister has run off with...that day met 1 of the owners, Eric & his Mom from Norway (of all the places, as I lived there in Stavanger for 2 yrs) - later would meet the other owner, Sylvia at Americas Coffeehouse talking opening things over with Thomas, the Barista I would find out during taste tasting this past's a small world in Lafayette, LA - but it's gonna start feeling a bit more like a Euro world or at the very least Italian once Carpe Diem Gelato Espresso Bar opens up?!

I am in it for the Espresso...Oh the things I'm gonna learn about coffee?! Gelato will be the nice side dish to go along with it - unless it's in the coffee, which I'm told will be the choice for an Affagado...I've had this before, again of all the places in Stavanger, Norway downtown at Delizia's Deli & Ice Cream shop (which was, again, Italian) - that time they used only vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso poured over I'm told I'll be able to pick any of the gelato flavors to add to my shot of espresso - Oh my the flavors my tongue has yet to taste...mmm...

*Note: photo to be inserted - my actual Affagado from Delizia's Deli & Ice Cream shop, as soon as I can find it again...I have a lot of pics of coffees that I've drank & loved over the years & thru out many travels thru many coffee countries too right?!

Coffee Recipe Link...
A decadant recipe for a gorgeous looking Affogato - drown me now?!

Honeycomb 'Humming Bumblebee' Affagato
borrowed from Super Barista Alliance Australia webpage
(see link above to go visit them & check out this gorgeous recipe)

Note: am hoping Carpe Diem Barista, Thomas, will try--if he's up for some further adventures in Affagato's?!

Carpe Diem Gelato Espresso Bar Hrs:
Mon - Closed (just like the bakers do)
Tues - Wed 10 - 6 pm
Thurs - Sat 10 - 8 pm
Sun 9 - 3 pm

Coffee Science also going on at Carpe Diem - thanks to Thomas the Barista...

It's a Kyoto-style cold drip coffee device - what I like to call a coffee experiment?!
Must check this coffee drink out, saw a guy with a cocktail looking glass trying one while I was there & he said it was good - have read some mention of this cold coffee being like a bourbon of the coffee world, so will see soon enough?!

Being named Kyoto it must mean Japan is involved in it somewhere along the way - must investigate more as could be some long lost relative there could get me one cheap, if I'm interested, one day?!
(note: again pic is from my Droid2 - a bit fuzzy, could be I'd taken it after my 2 espressos...)

Oh if you want to actually buy one of these coffee lab babies - let me know, would love to come around for a visit to your place if you do?! - found 1 on for $198.00 (really I thought they'd be a lot more expensive & maybe this 1 is, but the taste testing will be the thing to find out if it's worth it?!)


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