Friday, November 12, 2010

Sharon in a Volvo Again, but not a house--yet?!

SharoninaVolvo Again
only a green one
and a different model
here's what a typical one looks like...

And before anyone asks, No--not our house in the background, not even close (we're talking Lafayette here not a house in the country of the UK or some such place where houses look like this?!)

Next on is the house hunting for real, at least finding choices so far--but not this big?!

Also found out last week that our Air Shipment has been delayed due to the Cargo Ban, coming into the US - you know after the 'printer bomber' so this means maybe our Air Shipment will show up the same time our Sea Shipment does?!

Back in the USA & experiencing re-culture shock, but especially since Lafayette, LA is like moving to another country compared to some other states in the US?! French Cajuns here, just speak/eat/do things differently--also it's not counties here in this State either it's Parishes, so gives you can idea of the influences going on & then some...

Though it's exciting for us to go to the gas station or the grocery store or the books store or the mall or to go eating out - or just remembering how to write a check again on our bank account - but Oh what a difference in the prices, of everything & anything (it will take awhile for the smiles to come off our faces everytime we pay for something here now too?!)

Currently in Corp Apt (that look amazingly like our Houston Corp Apt when we came back from Doha, Qatar to Houston, TX) after spending a week with friends in Lafayette (only good friends would put up with us & our heavy duty luggage?!)

So until we get a house, we'll just have to enjoy the salt water swimming pool, exercise room, tanning rooms, walks around the pond (complete with reeds or cats of nine tails) & also free coffee from the capsule coffee machine (wanna be Nespresso machine?!) in the community center - along with fresh baked cookies, or popcorn in the TV room or out by the pool is a grill to use & really don't know what else is going on here yet?!

Living Large in Lafayette, Week One... ;o)

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