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Southern Screen Film Festival 2013
Lafayette, LA

link to Southern Screen webpage...

link to Southern Screen Facebook page...

What's Better than Popcorn?

link to The Ind - Article: Southern Screen Film Festival Returns...

link to The Ind - Acadiana 365 - Nov 14 - 17, 2013...

Loved their Postcard Surveys...
that were good for a prize drawing -
haven't gotten called yet, so am guess 'not' a winner, me...

note: I answered (tried) The Movie Buff Questions

What calendar year does Marty McFly travel back to the future?

How old was Orson Welles when he directed his critically acclaimed debut film "Citizen Kane?"

What was the first animated film nominated for a Best Picture Oscar?

Who directed Britain's first "All-Talkie" feature-film "Blackmail" in 1929?

Where do the main characters of Harold and Maude first meet?

Which color did Quentin Tarantino's character go by in "Reservoir Dogs?"

I could of never answered the other postcard surveys--even with Googleing for sure!

Got me a Pass to get a Pass into everything...
First off World Premiere of "You're in Charge"

Poster for the film--"You're in Charge"
note: taken really after the after party--like the light inside the AcA then...
Also I put this photo out on Facebook...
asking folks if anyone else saw a 'face' in  ??
only 1 person replied, Yes--from my expat friend's in Norway no less
do I guess it's something up with fb per usu & rest of the friends didn't see it...
or nobody else wanted to guess...)

from the Southern Screen Film Festival Program
"You're in Charge" 88 min's
I hadn't a clue really what I was in for...
a lot of laughing in the end
even near tears--not from laughter but from the heartfelt storyline
did realize as it went along that a lot of folks I know were in the thing
also a lot of folks in the audience knew the people in the movie
so whenever anyone would show up onscreen, at least the first time,
there would be all sorts of noise/cheers/catcalls from their fan cheering section

the button, my button
in the color of his cape--duh...of course...
Oh & I am now, after watching, a serious #FanGirl of this film too

"Ici on Parle Cajun?"
aka Cajun is Spoken Here

note: one Fav scene in this movie is when someone fills in a blank with 'Cajun' - after that I can't say that there's any Cajun/French spoken in the movie that I remember, but will have to watch again & Again as soon as I can, to be sure...that & to laugh a lot more?! ;oD

link to a little French/Cajun language lesson - on Lafayette Travel webpage...
(note: there's the word 'Lagniappe' but not this phrase on the postcard...)

link to You're in Charge webpage...

link to You're in Charge Facebook page...

#youreincharge @yrincharge #InCharge

link to The Advertiser article by Dominick Cross - Laughs abound in Local Comedy You're in Charge...

link to the Vimeo of the "You're in Charge" film Trailer...
note: 1:53 min's of the 88 min's of the film

who do I spy with my lil eye (OK, cell phone camera)
in the audience below...
but Jim Phillips & Christy Leichty (in the movie!!)
not to mention Mr Pink Pants (who's also in the movie!)
I know these good folks from Cite des Arts/local grassroots theater
didn't know they were up to this kind of acting, but obviously they are!

link to Cite des Arts - Lafayette, LA - webpage...

link to Cite des Arts - Facebook page...

Julie Bordelon introducing the Premiere of "You're in Charge"
at Southern Screen Film Fest 2013
in the theater of AcA/Acadiana Center for the Arts
then an intro for the Director of the film: Tom Kreuger

link to the AcA/Acadiana Center for the Arts...

 "You're in Charge" Director
Tom Kreuger at the beginning
afterwards there will be a Q&A
and all the cast that's in the audience will go up onstage too
(note: Mary Kay Place didn't show up, maybe at the Movie Opening in Feb/March next year??)

And a lot of snaps of the cast in attendance, some answering questions too
for the Q&A up on stage after the film with the Director: Tom Kreuger
The Cinematography: Paul Sanchez (who said a lot of nice things about filming in Lafayette, LA!!)

link to Harmonic Pictures webpage...

Let's see some questions...
How was it working with Mary Kay Place--did it up your game kind of thing...?
there was a story told, of course, it's storytelling land--which I've mentioned before...
and there was some snapping of fingers in faces, mention of focus--repeat focus, etc...
you'll have to ask them to repeat their fond stories about Mary Kay Place...
(note: I do so love her - or I guess I have to say her work, her acting, her movies...since I don't really know her right, but still 'love her!"...and wish she were here for this World Premiere with all the local folks in attendance--maybe, fingers crossed, she'll come for the Movie Opening at theaters, again fingers crossed, sometime end of Feb/beginning of Mar...or so that's the 'talk' now...)

link to the YouTube of Mary Kay Place's interview--about what she thinks of Lafayette, Louisiana...

(note: apparently there were a number of versions of the title of the movie--Daisy Chain, Hail Mary & I guess finally, no finally--You're in I think I love her even more--am asking myself where was I in March to have missed her...except I don't go dancing at the Blue Moon, so that may be why--I missed out, were some lucky dancing folks then when she was in Fab u lous for Lafayette, LA--her Favorite Louisiana Location...Ma' Ya' Chere!!)

another question had to do with a crying scene

there was the UL Ragin Cajuns connection & those stories
especially one about a reluctant lawyer & a reshoot on the field

what was the funnest part? the Director--This...
having the movie premiere for all the local folks (I agree!)

I'm sure there was mention of someone getting into that Speedo
but I won't be a Story Spoiler, you'll have to Go See the Movie!!

note: After Party at the Lafayette Science Museum
I did not go to the Photo Booth, because I'm like 'not' famous nor in the film
plus I was leaving when I heard someone mention they were going to find it--I didn't see it...
hopefully there are photos up somewheres--if I find them will add a link...

Was a lot of fun to be at an After Party period--not to mention recognize all the actors that were up on the stage & in the film & get to talk to some of them to tell them how Fab u lously Fun/Funny it all was...

So so many great scenes, great lines...can't wait for the DVD's--I asked, not yet...sigh...but when there are, if before X-mas, that's what everybody is getting...if afterwards, then that's what everybody is getting for their B-Days or maybe "Just Because I Love You" hah?!

mwah hah hah...lookie what I found in the Props cage...
I opened this box that said Save Tom, then I stared at it a moment--
Wait, I've seen this stuff where was it--Oh Yeah!
In a movie! In You're in Charge...then I had a funny feeling come over me,
giggled, then thought 'what if they get famous--would they want any of this again?' silly, hats/a red shirt went to costume cage then plastic bottles/box off to recycle...
still I hope they all do get famous--they just won't miss all this prop stuff...
I do wonder tho about all those other movies, TV shows, plays...
what all happens to all that 'stuff' ??
all the props, all the costumes, hmm...ponder ponder...

side note--maybe this coming Mardi Gras, first week in March 2014
if the movie - You're in Charge - has played or will be here on the big screen
Harmonic Productions could have a float in the Independent Parade with throws...
these throws--plastic green topped pee cups with Mardi Gras Beads stuck on them
(maybe with gold, green, purple - faux - pee inside...or beads inside or candy pills maybe...)
I may Tweet @yrincharge 'axe' them what 'day' think?!
another--mwah hah hah... ;-))


Back to the Southern Screen Film Festival Weekend...
Yes, there was more...

Saturday I missed out...
But I've seen "Forks Over Knives" on Netflix at home on my TV, which was 1 film showing
still it would of been nice to see up on the big screen, but couldn't make it both days of the weekend..

and even tho I missed Design is One: The Vignellis on Saturday too
they re-showed it on Sunday, since the Shorts didn't last as long as they thought...
so after the Music Video Shorts go to see it, I had wanted to see it so that was a Fab
Lagniappe (aka little something extra in Cajunspeak)

link to Design is One: The Vignellis
I never knew all this about this design team couple from Italy
I know I've seen their work & never knew they were behind it

link to YouTube Design is One Trailer 2:39 min's...
quote I caught that I'd agree with after just watching the film...
"there's a fire in their belly--all the time"

link to his Wiki--Massimo Vignelli...

link to her Wiki--Lella Vignelli

With the magic Pass I went nearly All Day Sunday--Whew...
I got Motion Sickness for a spell, had to take a break/breather, then went back in for more!!

Shorts to Music I think were my Fav Shorts...
this one here about colored pencils (Hudson - Against the Grain)
I tried to snap the big screen, but way Way too much motion going on

from the Program Guide...

Music Video Series:

Shugo Tokumara - Katachi
(note: my Top Fav...I couldn't believe all the paper cut outs--read 2,000 precision-cut shapes...
or "katachi" in Japanese...mesmerizing...)

note: you can go to the Facebook page for the Southern Screen to click on all the links to watch clips or trailers or descriptions of all these

Brass Bed - Please Don't Go
Hudson - Against the Grain (note: this is the 'colored pencil' animated film)
Rich Aucoin - Brian Wilson is Alive
Wordburglas - Croque Monsieur
Ryan Stinson - Melt (Ft. Ghettosocks)
Jenn Grant - The Fighter

Shorts Series 1:

(note: animated & I liked this one...with the flying machine I was thinking Steampunk again)

Georgia Howl
Mobile Homes
(read in the description that this one is being adapted for a feature film--the premise I recall tho seeing in another film, but can't think of that one...nor find it at the moment--if I do I will add, yet again, another note...)
Written in Ink
Ten to Sing
(I didn't know until this one was over that again I know the location & the actress in this film--saw in the Credits Rip Van Winkle Gardens & I've been there, taken photos there then Amanda's name popped up knew I'd seen her before...then at the Q&A after the film they mentioned her again & she was in the audience stood up & Bingo--remembered her from at least one play at Cite des Arts, if not two...she doesn't talk in the film--if she did would of given her away, she has a very British accent yet?!)
(this was so endearing, especially at the end when you find out who the characters are really...)

Shorts Series 2:

I didn't watch, this is when I 'had' to have a break/breather & hot tea/'s sooo frigid in the LITE Center, even with a scarf--I came back in with hot tea & a rain jacket to stay warm for the rest of the films...

Shorts Series 3:

Native Owl
(after seeing the jewelry in this film I knew it was familiar, I knew I'd seen it before & again somehow it came up or I read in the credits Native Owl went to find her Facebook page - Jamie Faulk - & told her I'd seen her jewelry on the movie & just knew it was hers--also that it would be lovely to use, she replied back that she does on her webpage...only not the version with the words...)

Lace Jasper necklace
a sample of Native Owl jewlery from her webpage shop on Etsy

link to Native Owl Etsy shop - Native Owls Nook...

link to Native Owl Facebook page...
(note: the photo at the top if from the short film--in the tent...)

link to Native Owl webpage - the film - 2:02 min's...

(OK, I'm sorry--but by the end with the Taxi & the rider & the incident toward the end I started thinking...wait a minute I think I've seen something like this scene before, only two males instead of two females...Fight Club--with the alter ego character & all those driver's licenses...if you'll remember how he took them & what happened to all those folks that had theirs taken away from them then you'll see the resemblance here...anyways, I thought it was familiar enough for me to remember it--but it's only a Film Fest Shorts so no worries...)

I didn't stay for the rest, the last 2 Shorts--'cause I'd read/heard they were scary & I don't like scary...
plus I am moving & I shoulda been home all day doing something like Oh packing up my office--lol

link to the Acadiana Life Style article: For The Love of The Big Screen - November 2013...

For The Love of The Big Screen
Southern Screen Film Festival Celebrates Movie Making
by Michelle Matthews Calloway

Designed with the Southern Region in Mind
Southern Filmmakers and Films
The Submission Process
Educational Components and Opportunities
Premiere Events
One Festival in Multiple Locations
Something for Everyone

"We like to talk about how we're bringing independent film and the film industry to the 'Southern screen.' We wanted to give people in the South the opportunity to see productions they would not normally get a chance to see." -- Julie Bordelon, Director and Founder, Southern Screen Film Festival

(note: right now I can't find the article online, the link above doesn't let you open the articles...I will keep looking...above is the summary of the bullet points in the article...I was hoping under the Premiere Events section they would mention You're in Charge but they didn't...also they used last year's photo of the Yoga Session before the showing of the Yoga Woman documentary at the LITE Center on the floor outside the doors that you enter where the screening took place...I saw that one too, but I did not go do the Yoga bit...outside was Coffee from The Lab--I did coffee year maybe I'll do Yoga...)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

a vest, a button, a gear, a black flower, a brown hat, goggles...

Steampunk & Makers Fair 2013
Cite des Arts
Lafayette Science Museum
InventureWorks at The Vault (AcA)

9 November 2013

link to Steampunk and Makers Fair webpage...

link to Lafayette Science Museum webpage...

"Part costume play, science & county fair, and part something entirely new, The Steampunk & Makers Fair is an all-ages festival by Cite des Arts & Lafayette Science Museum, showcasing & celebrating Science, Technology, Education, Art and Mathematics."

link to InventureWorks at The Vault (AcA)...

"One of the premier innovation Pitch events of the South, InventureWorks will again host THE VAULT during the way cook 'Steampunk and Maker's Fair' hosted by the Lafayette Science Museum and Cite' des Arts.

What's a Steampunk and Maker's Fair? Find out HERE ."

Steampunk and Makers Fair 2013 Poster - Steampunk Owl

This year's Festival Poster
Art by Lance LeBlanc
It was also a T-shirt
all the men's in black in this design sold out--I know I was there
but there were other men's in brown in another design that are left
(see below...go to Merch on the Webpage & Order Ya' One...
until they reorder the black ones--then order that too...)

link to Lance LeBlanc Design webpage...

Logo on tan T

First Question Answered...

What is Steampunk?
answered by GD Falksen here - Steampunk 101...
(I must read his book & soon...The Ouroboros Cycle...)
link to GD Falksen's book - The Ouroboros Cycle...

Steampunk does not mean 'just glue some gears' on it...
(I sewed mine--hah hah?!)

My Steampunk bits
for the 'creation'
(next year there will be more - no time with moving for an entire outfit...
so there is a hat & there is a vest & there will be a Steampunk tee-shirt under it & voila...)

gears and buttons--Oh My...

in the beginning there was a button...

an aside...the Steampunk jewelry (in part, last year was a Nautical Octupus)
Arts Kinetic earrings (from watch parts - j'adore Forrest)
a propellor ring...that--eee...turns!!
(0_o sorry can't find the business card for the vendor lady who made it)

link to Arts Kinetic...

the brown hat
the goggles (thank you Le Garage--NOLA)
some feathers on a lovely handcrafted headband
a felt ribbon
a lovely (new) antique looking pair of tiny birdie scissors
gears & buttons

Link to Le Garage Yelp Page--don't find a webpage...

vest detail
a paisley one found on a sale rack mind you
(as you add all the rest it ain't cheap no mo)
where I've put the eyeglasses magnifiers
(instead of on the hat or my glasses or the goggles...
on a clip can be moved for variety--where to go next year...
thanks Jim for giving up your 2nd pair!!)

why a fish button
all I can say is I'm a Pisces so I gotta have a fish
or water or an octopus or a seashell or something
watery/fishy...sand...a beach...


Cite des Arts
Steampunk Art Exhibit
and it's Downtown Art Walk Saturday as well

link to Cite des Arts webpage...

link to Cite des Arts Facebook page...

The Collaboration, Repetition, Experimentation Exhibit
which I am not sure between who & who

I just know I Love the Street Art aspect of it all
since recently there was an arrest of a Street Artist
this perhaps is a FAB solution
bring Street Art inside, collaborate with Indoor Art
it's safer that way
it could broaden the audience too

I met one of the collaborators
that let me run off with the little industrial man stencil on cardboard at the front door
love it as much as any other pieces of art on my wall
still contemplating how to frame it or if I'll frame it

Steampunk and Makers Fair's photo.

found them out on Facebook...
It's Herbert Leavitt & Abed Balbeis
(but I can't say now which one I met
who said I could have this, but I thank them again!!)

a fish...eee...
in a dress...hmm...
in a caution triangle...huh...

"This is a three person show Consisting of two Artist. the third Person being A Collaboration of the two. the show is mostly inspired by graffiti and street art. Consisting of stencils, prints or a combination of the two on cardboard and other recycled materials. This work is about experimentation, collaboration and repetition. the hasmat figure is symbolic of overprotection and isolation, and various forms. the symbolic of that. The Vetruvian figure is an icon of Perfection, much of the work involves him being...or modified. Sending a message about the nature of human imperfection. The reoccuring figure of the open mouth is about speaking your mind. recognizing the power of words and ideas, exercising the right of free speech. while acknowledging words as weapons. Generally the work is an experiment with ideas and images. it's a work in progress."

 (note: as is my translation--a work in progress...or at least my attempt at reading their writing on their poster...forgive me if I've missed a few words or typed them wrong...I still get the idea--how 'bout you...)

I think it's 'binary'
anyone read 'binary code' ??


Jim's calling this an experiment
I think it's a fine one
I wanted to keep one of these
couldn't decide which one
one printed on canvas
one printed on glass and canvas
but he says I can 'have' one
'cause I'm the Bestest Volunteer
Wardrobe Mistress Sometime Props Master
Kindness abounds in this theater
I'll make a Donation instead...mwah hah hah... ;-))

link to more about Jim Phillips on Linked In...
(note: I didn't know he was a photographer too...Renaissance Man ring a bell?!)


the 'real' Steampunk 'real' Art
that comes with a price
Ooo...can I afford a Louisiana Art Souvenir to move with...hmm...

these two I think are my Fav (before I change my mind I snapped a pic of them)

Tom Secrest: Whimsy & Mastry of the Different Worlds

I love that--whimsy...different none too sure about mastry (of like anything)

Note: this is what was written about him back in 2010 at an Art Walk Exhibit in AcA...

Tom Secrest: Realm of Subconscious

"Tom Secrest, a Louisiana-based artist, has always accompanied his work as a printmaker with numerous drawings and paintings. Incredibly creative, the artist has thousands of notebooks containing his work. Embracing the fantastic and psychological over the real, Secrest’s influences include such varied imagery as the early illustrations of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by John Neill, childhood storybooks like Journeys Through Bookland and the plethora of images employed by the celebration of Halloween. Since childhood, he has used artwork as a means of escaping his surroundings and to, as the artist describes, "…fall into my own form of ‘Neverland’ or down Alice’s rabbit hole.”

(note: can't find a webpage, facebook, twitter, tumblr...where oh where are his images...)

Link to his Artist Statement for Steampunk and Makers Fair on 9 Nov 2013...
Art Opening for Tom Secrest Nov. 9th | | Acadiana-Lafayette, Louisiana

another link to this Artist Statement if that one above doesn't work...


the 'real' 'Real' sculpture Art
is it Steampunk--am not totally sure

They Call Him "Icarus"
or She does--it's by Lisa Osborn
who's shown at the AcA & is in a Gallery in NOLA at the moment
I didn't see how they hauled this monster in here but it will be staying the month I'm guessing

Now y'all all go look up the story of  "Icarus"
to remember it...
summary: made wax wings, flew to close to the sun, guess what happens next
perhaps 'this' is what happened next...falls to pieces either before or for sure when he hits the earth once again
Oh my My the imagination

Really I'm rather scared of it, couldn't ever have it in my house or be alone with it
I'm just not that confident--maybe one day (or I'll need to have become blind...)

Link to Wiki to brush up on your Myth of Icarus...

Link to Lisa Osborn Scuplture page...
(note: it needs updated for 2013...there's Icarus in Cite des Arts for November I'm guessing, then there's a Gallery in NOLA I've heard just got something of hers & I want to say that the UL Museum has a sculpture but I can't find anything on their webpage--I will have to go take a wander at the LuLu Hilliard Museum to find art adventure--away...)


had my (tarot) cards read
it made me feel way better, it's what I needed to hear
of course love the original Steampunk costume
that she made herself--duh
it's Miss Lauren Greene Whyte
director of She Stoops to Conquer recently
and of course CostumeMaker

my Fav Foto from Steampunk Fest
her in costume as the best handmade by a woman costume
standing next to him in costume as the best handmade (over years he says) by a man costume
he's with the Airship Isabella I believe

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

my volunteer table - the merch table
and the donated CD's/Vinyl table
and the Coat & Tails rack
with some plastic black tophats for the kids
(white marker nearby to draw gears/clocks on if they want)
a few took me up on it, some I guess were too shy
or boys in ballcaps weren't willing to change up

taking note of dapper man trying on a coat & tail
already with his tophat on

before or after the 4 or 5 hrs I went running up & down the street
or up & down inside the theater
or was sitting for a spell in the main theater watching the costume contest
MC'd by the Airship Isabella--as were the judges I believe

it was all well done--my photos however were not
go troll thru Facebook or Twitter to find better photos

@SteampunkandMakersFair or #SteampunkandMakersFair

first annoucements
Hello and there's a Key
a Steampunk Key to keep the Festival Free
with the owl designs on both sides
not to forget it's also a bottle opener
how clever is that
cut by the sponsor Begneaud

Dare I say--Dapperest Gentleman on the left is Rick Rowan
he'll be The Undertaker shortly after the festival
in the orig Steampunk Musical play: The Undertaker & His Wife
I believe I heard he made a different Steampunk costume just for the festival
(remember last year he was the Puppet Master--kinda glad no puppets this year, freak me out...)

next to him Christy in the Raffle Scarf*
next to her Jim showing off the regular size key for sale
but next up is the giant key that only an Award Winner can receive
it's the Biggest Liar Contest Winner coming up
(or the Bestest Tall Tale Teller--aka Storyteller)

And who's the winner?
who gets the giant key award?
who's the biggest bestest liar/storyteller?
I think on the Facebook page/webpage/somewhere's it says
"of the South" no less!

It's Sally O Donlon
and of course, Of Course, she has to tell us the story
the what I'll call 'the whomping bats' story
from growing up in Lafayette
like right smack downtown where Parc San Souci is nowadays

*note: about that especially beautifully made Raffle Scarf from the Festival's Facebook page...
"Susan Burden is bringing her Pine Wind Shibori to The Steampunk and Makers Fair and will be raffling one of her one of a kind, hand made shibori scarves - don't miss out on this opportunity to win a piece of sculptural, wearable art"

link to a beautiful set of photos of her Pine Wood Shibori Scarves on the Artisan Gallery Facebook page...


There was also a Beard & Facial Hair Contest - that's their Logo above (easy enough to spot eh)
their t-shirts were outside somewheres on a table for this too--later I would see a photo of their table, never actually got to go find it & see it...'cause I was at my/the Steampunk Fest t-shirt table?!
I did see some of the judges--a Fav was the all over the face red haired guy
(as I have an son who's a red head I'm a bit partial)
after that met the 3rd place Moustache winner, very neat curls on the ends
and next Fav saw 3 girls going for the Ladies' Faux Beard Contestant winner
I just know 1 of them won--prob the one with the tiny black/white ribbons in her faux beard

Look they had my Fav Faux Beard Lady's Foto
complete with her wee black/white ribbons tied up in her faux beard
it was on their Facebook Page--
don't know for sure if she won but she should have?!

link to Louisiana Beard & Facial Hair Assn Facebook page...

link to the Louisiana Beard & Facial Hair Assn...
note: they donated their monies to Healing House in Lafayette


and don't hate me for these
they are the only photos I have of the Fab u lous Costume Contest
surely someone else took in focus fotos
sigh...if only I could use my camera phone--later I think I will remember
there's a low light selection...
maybe Airship Isabella had someone taking photos
or Cite des Arts
or somebody anybody
(am thinking throw away cameras would of been a good idea...
give 'em to everybody & surely something will come out?!)

liink to Airship Isabella for way Way better photos of everybody...
(or that's at least the MC & the Judges for the Steampunk Fashion Contest...)

link to the Airship Isabella Tumblr...

link to their Etsy page so you can go buy goods to look like Airship Isabella...

link to the Airship Isabella Facebook page...

FAB Fotos from their Facebook page...
Airship Isabella

black & white photos are so FAB u lous
this is the Captain I'd guess - Cedric Whittaker
he was deff the Captain of the Steampunk Fest here in Lafayette
thankfully he was a judge at the Costume Contest or nobody would of had a chance
the weapons too
there needs to be a separate category for this & a weapons demo show as well
next year--things keep getting bigger & better so it will be
something to look forward to
I have to drive back from The Woodlands just for it
OK Mardi Gras as well--first that then the Steampunk & Maker's Fair
am just hoping Airship Isabella will be there again & Again & AGAIN!!!
Please please please...

Suzeaux Ryette was the MC for the Costume Contest
what a FAB u lous job she did
she should do standup
Standup Steampunk

I wish someone would of recorded the whole thing
that & all the costume contestants that I forgot
or took horrible photos of...sorry...

Well Airship Isabella, from what I can tell, is full of beautiful creative people
wish they were closer--but NOLA not so far Far away...
Thank you for coming to Steampunk and Maker's Fair--you made it for me!!

Mwah kiss kiss all y'all Steampunk and Maker's this year ox ;o)) ox....